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Constructing and Operating a Hot Box (Wax Box)

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Hi everyone, I recently built a hot box for my skis and I would like to share it and see what everyone thinks. Also maybe anyone could give me suggestions on what to maybe alter on it. 

My dimensions are 2ft x 2ft x 7.38ft long (225cm). The total items I used were half inch thick plywood, 120v space heater, three fans (photos only show two but I do have another one), many sheets of inch thick reflective styrofoam insulation, a heat shield made from aluminum strips 6ft long riveted to two aluminum flat rods to add rigidness, three digital thermometers for three temperature zones, a thermostat, 2 dual rack railways (20in tall), and 6 dual hinged racks (16in long).

The temperature I usually run the hot box at is 125 degrees Fahrenheit. My thermostat is set to keep the temperature 125 with + or - 5 degrees. I generally keep the skis in for 4 hrs. That time seems to be the typical period most people do it. The hot box can hold 4 pairs of skis.


Thermostat that is mounted on the side. It has a thermometer that is fed through a hole at the top of the hot box.

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Looks really good for a DIY job!
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What happens to the lubrication in your bindings when they're at 125 degrees (F) for multiple hours?
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Absolutely nothing! I've hot boxed hundreds of skis at 150F/65C (usually for 4 hours) will zero issues with any skis &/or bindings. I've had bindings only in the box positioned upside down/on end at 165F/74C & still couldn't get the captive grease to melt/soften/run/move etc.


Most bindings use a PG75 spec grease which you'll need to get to 200F/95C to start getting issues.

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Where did you find a a heater that would get to such a high temp and what thermostat are you using?
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I do around 50C in mine for 3-4 hours.
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Hey Razie what thermostat are you using?
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i don't actually use one :eek - this is just how high my heater can heat the box :) i have a 750W and a 250W baseboard elements if i'm not mistaken and i use one of those outdoor wireless thermometers to keep an eye on the box while it's running... it never goes past 48-50C.


i also really only use it with warm wax and base wax (with moly or graphite ) so even 50C should yield decent penetration... of the ski base...


my box is not insulated - if i did i would like to probably go up to 55-60 for just 2-3 hours...?

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My box is all insulation. It is literally made out of 2" rigid styrofoam and I use 2x150 and 1x100 watt lightbulbs as a heat source. A couple of small fans circulate the air and a Ranco thermostat keeps everything from melting down. I have been using Artech's Tungsten base prep wax so the temp is about 125F. I have done both with and without bindings with no issues.

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Why hot box skis?

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