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Volkl Three

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Does anyone have insights on the new Three to come out for next season ?
Basically a wider vers of the Two and will be their widest ski with the Kuro discontinued

Dimensions: 150-135-140 (50.9)

Any thoughts or insight Joe this will ski?
I had and loved the kuros but they delamed and Volkl will replace w the new Three...

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Bump....maybe too new for forum comments?
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My spouse has messed about a bunch with the Volkl One this season. Seems a nice modern design. I used to ski the Kuro when it first came out. Based on skiing a range of similar skis, I'd be stoked to swap to the Three from a Kuro. Just my .02 being familiar with the space, but not having yet tried the One, Two, or Three....

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My good ski buddy has been on a pair or Two's with Guardians for his powder/sidecountry setup this year. Seems very happy with them, they are awesome in soft snow and he was surprised at them on groomers (as long as not icy, obviously they are not good on ice and beat up your legs skiing long pitches of crud/moguls). 


He is a long time Gotama user, this is his first "big" ski.


No idea on the Three, but the overall design/construction seems similar to the Two.

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