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ETU Rave

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I received the most meaningful coaching of my life this past weekend from Stu Campbell.

After "make your inside leg long and softly change edges" I smiled and said "I think I love you". (luckily, he smiled back!)

I also learned to ski "Stu's line" and to make "Stu turns". [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] (my words... NOT his!!)

The conditions this weekend at Stowe were VERY new england. (my skis now need a FULL tune@! ARGH) Stu got us onto the mountain at 8am the second day so we could enjoy the good conditions while they lasted. After lunch we skied ALL the hardpack (ice??) we could find. I grimmaced at him and accused him of "ice hunting". At the end of that run (drill was to ski short fall line turns on the crappiest hardpack he could find) he asked "are your quads burning?". We said "YES" and he said "Good.". He added: that was a conditioning exercise. Thanks Stu.

Listening to some of the folks talk this weekend made me think of a thread that I will post in the "instruction" forum. Stay tuned.

The drive home did SUCK big time and knowing that I'd miss skiing all the GOOD snow was sad. Oh well - there is a "next time".


PS. I don't want to lose track of the folks I skied with... send me PM if you get the chance.
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I have to agree with Kieli, The ETU was well worth it eventhough I had to end my participation early. My time was spent well. I feel bad for Tom Burch though, he was stuck with the job of trying to teach a thick headed old dog new tricks. It has not been that long since I transitioned from the old school ski to this new school ski. Unfortunately, my transition did not include a transfer of new school thoughts. My first new school skis also did not have much "shape" to them, so my old school thoughts seemed to work on them. It's quite an expereince to change 30+ years of experience and learning. I was not alone here though. Another person mentioned the same difficulties making the transition during the post ski session on day 1.

With practice I may actually "get it" now thanks to Tom.
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We can't really say enough good things about this event either. Because of the forcast, we really debated leaving first thing Sunday morning -- both of us should have been at work Monday. We decided we'd learned so much Saturday we just couldn't give up on Sunday. So we just got home a couple of hours ago. Well worth it! Though the weather and snow conditions weren't optimal, the instruction we received from Kristi was FANTASTIC! While we need much more mileage to become good skiers, the difference between Saturday morning and Sunday evening was amazing. We can't wait to go skiing again. If this event is held next year, we'll be there if there is any way we can. Mucho cudos to the organizers and instructors.
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