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New guy here to Epic.and sking


Started my skiing late last year and progressing very well. It has all clicked in but my edging needs work for sure. I am 55, 5'8 and 220lbs with bad stiff knees with arthritis. I have been skiing on a set of 157 Atomic Panics mostly North East NY and VT. Couple of trips to CO.

Finally getting over my fear of the mountain as I am now in full control and as one instructor recently said, I have all the tools to go mostly wherever I want to go, Just need to improve my carving and I would be pretty good at this. 


So here is the problem, due to my bad knees, I am having a hard time getting my Panics on edge since they are an 87 waist and when I used a Rossi E74 I was getting over more. I will never be doing hand dragging carves but I need a light fairly flexy narrow ski that will help me out. i am thinking 70-74. Any suggestions from the balcony would be appreciated. I want to keep the length around 160 and I also like moguls. Haven't gotten over 30mph yet so speed is not an issue.

There are a ton of skis to choose from and every store I go into only has a partial of what's available and they only push what they have. It doesn't help that all the sales people have been skiing since they were 4 yrs. old and cannot relate to where I am now.


Any of the Amphibios

Fischer Progressor 800 was suggested


The Rossi E series are boring looking