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Frontside carver Motive 86 or Progressor 900?

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I'm 5' 10" 200lbs level 7-8 skier but actively progressing. I ski some in Michigan but primarily out west.  I currently use Fischer Big Stix 98's as a one ski quiver, but after skiing some older Progressor's last week on hardpack/crust in Utah I decided I needed to add a pair of carvers to my arsenal. I've always like Fischers and can get pretty good deals on them so I looking at the Motive 86 and Progressor 900 or even 800.


These would be for hard snow conditions only.  Mostly for groomers but I always end up in the trees or bumps at some point, 70-30%. I skied the Progressors for two days (I think they were Progressor 9s).  They were the first real carvers I have used and they were a whole lot of fun on piste. That said I they were a challenge to ski off piste in trees and bumps (probably my technique).  I'm wondering if a more all mountain carver like the motive 86 or even the progressor 800/700 might be as fun on piste but better in a variety of other terrain? I've read that the motive 86 is a good carver for an all mountain ski having metal layers, but I'm not sure how it would compare to something like the Progressor 900s.

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I currently own a pair of Fischer skis: Progressor 8+  and Motive 88.  The Progressor 8s were replaced by the 800s and the Motive 88s by the Motive 86.  The Progressor 8s are a versatile carver while the Motive 88s are a wider all mountain ski with surprising hard snow grip.  I wouldn't call the Motive a carver, but its a great daily driver for an eastern (or mid-western) skier with enough width to take out west on vacation.  I took my 88s to Colorado last month and never felt I needed something different.  My Progressor 8s are beat, and the P900 is on my list as a replacement.  The Head SS Rally is also a serious contender.

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IMO, the Motive 86, while a great ski, would step on the toes of your Big Stix 98s a bit, and the early rise would take a bit of the zing out of what you say would be a hard snow ski.


I am near your weight, and owned the Progressor 8+ but found it a little wanting in top end, so I would recommend the 900 for you.


Enjoy adding a new dimension to your skiing!


Caveat:  Of course, the PERFECT answer would be to snag a pair of 900s AND the Motive 86, leaving you with a wonderful 3-ski quiver!

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It sounds like the progressor 900 is what I am looking for.  With the right technique can a ski that stiff and damp handle bumps and trees relatively well?  Like I said, even on the "crappy" snow days I would be using these, I still spend a fraction of my time off piste.


Haha, I'm still trying to wrap my head around a two ski quiver let alone 3!  I can see how that would work very nicely, but my wallet wont allow it.

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