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Best resorts for late spring in the east

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I was wondering which resorts are generally favoured for late spring in the East thinking of 4 or 5 days end of March or early April.
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With the expected snow, and assuming it is all not washed away, spring skiing at Sugarloaf, my home hill, is a religious experience. I wait all year for it. We can ski into late April to early May. You can get a really good condo/tix deal late in the season as well.


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Thanks that sounds good always wanted to ski there.
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Killington was known for a long time for trying to stay open longer than just about anyone, anywhere.  They got away from that policy for a while, but they seem to be trying to re-instante themselves into the Spring skiing scene.


Sugarbush North gets shut down sometime in April, but Sugarbush South stays open for a long time.  Wildcat has also been known to push the season until the last snow molecule is gone.


As deliberate1 said, Sugarloaf is far enough north that they can stay open forever.


No Spring skiing bash / party / atmosphere I have ever seen tops Lunch Rocks at Tuckerman Ravine though.  Obviously it's not a resort, but it's an experience that shouldn't be missed.

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Toying with the same idea.


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Killington has had a new management team for the last two years and is back to "first to open, last to close".  Depths are deep on Superstar and this current storm is going to extend to closing date well into May. 

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Based on recent snowfall, I would expect a lot of areas to be good in late March or early April. I skied Mt. Snow last Easter and it was fantastic skiing. The mountain was pretty much 100% open and the conditions were very good Spring conditions. There were a few bare spots, but, by and large, good conditions. I skied Killington around April 13 and also had great conditions. In fact, we got a couple of inches of snow that day.

We spent a week at Jay in the middle of April last year and the mountain was 100% open. The conditions were excellent. They were among the best conditions we skied all winter, closer to what I often see in early March before the snow turns mushy and cruddy. The woods were a little stiff in the morning, but pretty good overall, certainly good by noon. The place was practically empty. The conditions started to deteriorate by the end of the week, but for April 20 or so, they were still great.

I haven't skied Sugarloaf for years, but they will surely be doing good skiing in late March or early April also.
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Go for the Sugars. Bush or Loaf are great this time of year

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If we have a good snow year next year, I may take the fam (provided they're interested) somewhere for spring break. Don't want to fly. Man, I miss the March Spring Breaks from back home. In NJ, they're way too frigging late. Of course, if we have a year next year like this, the Spring Break will be cut down to 3 days, again!

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