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Tyrolia 420 and 470 Question

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I have two old pairs of skis with Tyrolia 420 and Tyrolia 470 bindings. I'm guessing they're from the 1990s. I figured out how to remove the toe pieces, but I can't figure out how to remove the heels. Somehow need to unlock or turn a screw to get the heel pieces to slide so that I can access the mounting screws. Can anyone give me a step by step for this? It would really be appreciated. I use the old skis for craft projects and I would hate to resort to prying the bindings off with a crowbar.

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I had turned that screw 90 degrees and couldn't get anything else to happen. What do you mean by lift up slightly?

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The screw locks a spring loaded tab beneath the binding. When they are old, the tab sticks. Take a small slot screwdriver and pry up the tab just in front of screw. If it doesnt pop up try turning the screw the other way. Then the heel should slide off.
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oops sorry, try turning it 180 degrees and lift tab.  easier to do if you have brakes up with an elastic

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