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Ski Gangs of Aspen

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Great story and 8mm film on TGR -- check it out!


Shredhead -- you a member of any of those?



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Yeah, I know all of them, it's amazing how many in the video are still here.  That's a great article and video.  Aspen's always had gangs.


There aren't many Buckaroo's still skiing Aspen, they may still be skiing, just out at Buttermilk.  The Crawford's through the most outrageous parties ever!


I still see the Aspen Flyers all the time, because they're always trying to beat me for first chair at 1A.  They're all in their 70's, they have to walk up a big hill and I can see them coming for a 1/4 mile,  so I have quite an advantage.


I ski with the Dog's quite a bit, but am actually an Independent, which is actually a gang of it's own.

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For a thrill look up one of the original ski gangs. The Ravinos out of Vail. Party hard, Ski hard then get kicked off the mountain. Glad to hear they  making a comeback.

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I skied with them too.  Their St. Patties day party up Northwoods was notorious!   Maybe they can get another one going this year, VR would love it!

I'll always remember dancing at Garton's and the floor was deflecting about a foot.

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Great article.  There is a nice side benefit to the Aspen gangs and social aspect of Ajax @SHREDHEAD talks about for us occasional Aspen visitors: the suburbs of Highlands and Snowmass see a lot less traffic as a result of so many locals sticking to Ajax.  I really noticed this last weekend... 


Friday: we skied Snowmass on a surprise powder day.  Forecast was for 2-4 inches and it dumped a 8-10 during the day.   There was almost no compeition for powder on the expert terrain as the few folks skiing were mostly vacationing families.  It was a free refills day, but refills were not really necessary since it's such a big mountain with so few skiers that day.


Saturday: it snowed another 4 inches overnight and we went to Highlands.  Almost nobody was skiing the Deep Temerity lift the day before because there was a foot of new with few tracks anywhere!!!  An up-down competition in the bowl closed everything skiers right of the lift until about 10:30am.  That turned out to be a fantastic bonus.   Once it opened to the public, everybody headed up the bowl and left everything between the bowl and the lift to us!!  We were finding barely tracked lines until 2pm when we finally hiked the bowl... really just because it didn't feel right skiing Highlands without the hike.  The G trees were really nice, but not much better than what we were finding off the lift.  


Point of all that: we were skiing fairly untracked lines all day Saturday at Highlands while the gangs had probably destroyed Ajax within an hour Saturday morning, if they hadn't already on Friday afternoon.  


One other interesting thing I've noticed at Highlands is the local gangs, if there are any, are battling to see how many laps they can do in the bowl.  That plus visitors using all their energy for the day hiking the bowl, leaves the fantastic lift served terrain at Highlands with remarkably little traffic.


Sunday: bluebird day searching for leftovers.  We planned to go to Ajax for old times sake, but the time change and very tired bodies kept us at Snowmass where we were staying. I'm sure we got much better skiing at Snowmass as a result of the vast expert and hike-to terrain, and very little competition.   There were a few signs of gang activity bleeding over from Ajax, but high altitude hiking plus lots of nooks and crannies to pick from made for a great spring leftovers day.  


Whew... I guess I should upload some pictures and make that a TR.

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