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Some heavy duty ski recommendations

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Ok here is the situation:

My almost 18 year old son who is 6'5" 220 lbs. in high school, very athletic, and a senior has destroyed his present skis, while in the bumps, but likes to ski everything, including off piste out west POW.

So I need a ski that can do all that, also deal with midwest hard pack, and spring slush, and yet stand up to his punishing and aggressive skiing style.

I think he is beyond the Volants, except maybe the Machette's.

Initially, I am tempted and frankly impressed by the offerings of Atomics, so Beta Racer, weigh in here with your expertise.

Others, please do likewise, but the ski has to perform at the same time be bomb and bullet proof.

In advance to one and all who comment here,

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Maybe the 10.20 in 198cm.

Sail and Ski!
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If you can find them, check out the Volkl G31. They're awsome midfats which handle everything....and i mean everything. They're stiff for a midfat so the bumps will be a bit more difficult, but aside from that, they're a great ski. Handles hardpack VERY well and does excellent in deep snow and groomers. I can't say anything but praise for this ski

As for the durability of these things...they're pretty damn durable. Volkl has made some very durable skis and they still do. I'm a bit busy right now, but later tonight or tommorrow I'll post a bit of my experience on the G31's.

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You can bend the G31's if you bash them really hard in the bumps. Its not a bump ski. Any ski with metal will bend if they suffer the abuse that it sounds like your son puts on skis Wink. Volkl isn't too good about replacing bent skis either.

Atomic 11.20 sounds like a good idea. I haven't seen too many bent Atomics. But the ski still has metal...

Mod X Pro might be something to look at, as it handles bumps surprisingly well. But my bet is that he'd manage to delaminate them fairly quickly.

I guess the problem you're looking at is this. The western-ish all mountain freeride skis you're looking at dont handle bumps well. The high end models you're looking at to support his size are typically filled with metal. This metal makes bumps unruly, and it makes the ski prone to bending and breaking. Its a tough decision.

Have him demo the G31 (next years G3 is a little softer), 11.20, Mod X Pro, and Dynastar Powertrac. Durability wise, I think the Atomic might have a slight edge.
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Gee, I read stuff at this website all the time but never get a chance to contribute. Here's my chance...

On the last page, page 216, of the September 2000 issue of Ski Magazine is an article about a guy who started his own ski company. Adam Sherman's motivation for starting the company: to build indestructable skis. Apparently this guy was tired of breaking his own skis all the time. He builds about 600 pairs of skis a year, all custom, at about $500 to $600 a pair.

The company is called "Igneous", and can be reached at (307)734-8788. Website:

I just visited the website. Can't say I know anyone personally who has skied on their skis. If anyone has any opinions about Igneous (based on fact, please!), I'd be curious to hear about them.
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Oh geez! There's already another thread on Igneous Skis. Follow this link. You'll also see that AC has set up a link to yet another thread on Igneous Skis.

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Machete McGs.

Bumps, hard pack, bulletproof, sluch, crud, powder, rocks, corduroy...

They cut through anything and are hard enought to take a fairly serious battering in hard bumps. I have damaged many skis in my time and I'd say Mr Volant knows how to make a ski.


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Wink, Your son would love the Stockli Stormrider II. Check out the review in the Dec/Jan issue of Blue magazine. I own a pair and they rock. I'm 230# and hit it hard. If he can out-ski those, I think the NFL is the next sport.

Rock'n Doc
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Stormriders aren't a good idea. I've seen a lot of them bend. If he's going to avoid bumps, they'd be great. If bumps are on the menu, he'll have bent Stormriders in a week or two. For some reason, they seem really prone to bending, like the K2 Morrisons of a few years ago.

I'm not really an Igneous fan, but I think thats a great idea. You can get them in a really stiff flex, but they dont use metal. Igneous skis are heavy, stiff, and pretty dead. They do mach 3 without flinching. Just dont expect a lot of snap and rebound. They love to be muscled, and require a strong confident pilot who knows how to work a ski. Sounds like it may fit his style pretty well. And even if he does manage to mess up a pair of Iggys, they have a 100 day warrenty.
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Thanks to all that have commented so far.

I would still like "Beta Racer's" comments, now specificaly on the Atomic Beta Race 9.16. Can it stand up and is it a good all around skei?


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With all respect, if there was such a ski we would all be riding one.

If it's good in the bumps then it will suffer elsewhere, if it claws at the hardpack and ice, them it will suffer in the bumps.

Sometimes it's easier to get two pair of used or demo skis that will fit all of your demands and the beauty is that you have a backup if one pair goes south on you.

Actually the ski that you describe is just about any Head ski made in the 60's. I have three or fout pair in the garage that you couldn't beat to death with an ugly stick.
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The Volkl Crossranger comes real close.
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