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So many choices

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I am an high advanced 50 yo 5'9"185lb skiing on vokle AC30 mainly west coast steeps, and groomers 50/50
. All time favorite ski salomon pilot . I like the ac 30 but really a bit stiff on hard pack. Looking for a bit wider underfoot all mountain ski. Was considering salomon Q90 or Other but have heard Luke warm things about the Q90? Any thoughts . Thanks
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I ski at Mammoth and have found my Elan Amphibio 88 xti's are about the best all around ski I have used there for firm snow conditions. YYMV. I would suggest you read some of the members reviews on various skis, find a few that interest you and then see if you can get a demo in.  If no demos are around, like myself, just take a leap of faith and buy what interests you and make it your b!tch.

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Thanks, I think I will have to do a demo or two of the ones I find most interesting, it's been a tough season for Mammoth, although I was up last weekend and it was great!
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