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Spring Break

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Balls to the wall here. Patrollers and toboggans constantly in motion. How is it where you are?
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Well, not really patrol-y, but it did yell "spring break" to me


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wow thats so deep I can't make out the skier.....




it brought back memories of one of my wedding guests that dropped a ski at Stowe on a liftline......I had to retrieve it for him.  Good thing I was the 2nd most important party that  day....the wedding waited for me.



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Well, not really patrol-y, but it did yell "spring break" to me


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A few days ago I saw some peeps walking downtown after 10pm.  That's quite odd but not sure if it was attributable to Spring break or St. Patrick's day.


Also, I've seen two or three occupied sleds 'bout every day this past week+.  That's unusual.  Most aggravating are the big knots of waiters blocking the maze at the lower lifts and it's been rare to ride a lift when the bar doesn't come down quickly and without warning.


Lots of paper tickets and rental skis going out to the Cirque, some of our aspirational terrain.  That's lead to some very comical tracks out there.

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The second week of spring break has been rather mellower than expected. Two theories have been advanced by patrollers as explanations: The first is that a lot of people experienced a harsh winter and just went to the beach instead of going skiing. The second thought is that since Colorado legalized marijuana the college crowd headed there instead of New Mexico, which is interesting. Of course, CO had a great snow year...but, nah.
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Off to Breckenridge  this weekend. Hope the crowds are not to bad.

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