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Best runs at jackson hole

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Hey everybody,


Im gonna be heading out to jackson hole the last week of march, and i wanted to know what are the best runs to do while i'm there.

I'm talking the must-do, awesome, amazing runs.


I can ski any kind of terrain so i'm really excited for Corbet's Couloir but i have never tried a cliff drop that big. 


So what are the best runs to do?




I there any way i can prepare myself for Corbet's Couloir?


Comment below.

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Start by clicking on unofficial guides at the top of the page. There is a great overview of the terrain at Jackson Hole. Have a great trip. I will be there next year. Cant wait.

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If you can ski any kinda terrain you will have fun skiing tower 3, paintbrush, alta, extreme chutes, meet your maker, there is also lots of great advanced runs off of the traverse that follows from rendezvouz bowl! just too many to mention...

jackson is an amazing mountain! as said above I'd follow the day 1 checklist from Bob's guide! It's a great way to get confortable and to know all the lifts and how to get to places!
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