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my fore/aft is messed up

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I just read a really great thread from 2009.  It was started by a Deer Valley instructor exploring the impact boot fitting has on fore/aft balance.  It is particularly relevant for me because I am finding that I am totally out of balance (fore/aft) after buying new boots (Lange RS110).  OK,....totally is probably too extreme, but I have definitely lost my fore/aft sweet spot, that stance that allows me to be most dynamic on my skis.  I'm feeling like I need get my hips further forward in order to allow my upper body to be in a more comfortable/upright position.  Does this sound reasonable?  If so, and assuming the boot is fitted properly (I'm pretty sure it is) could I add a shim to the heel binding as an experiment?  And if so,...what is an acceptable thickness?


FYI, previous boot was a 15 year old Lange X zero R Race.  It worked really well for me but was VERY tired and it just seemed like a good time to make a change.  I'm 61 ski 15 - 20 days each year, was a college racer in the early/mid 70s and I think I continue to ski in a pretty dynamic way.


I guess I'm quietly thinking,...how can I replicate the position of my old boot using my new boot,...is that possible?


THANKS,...this forum is truly informative!!



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do you have your old boots still?    stand with one on each foot and see what feels different


if not:   is it the foot or the lower leg that is different?  (assuming you are on the same skis/bindings)

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Yep, still have the old boots.  I'll give it a try. It is kinda funny,..the new boots feel great standing around, but

once on the snow I just can't get myself in my comfortable position.


THANKS for the suggestions.

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Forward lean has been reducing over the last 15 years---stand your boots up with  the heels of both your old and new boots against a vertical surface and measure to the liner at the top of the shell to compare how they differ.


If you liked the amount of forward lean on the old boots try making the new boots have the same amount, might be as simple as adding a 

spoiler between the liner and shell on the new boot.


The boot boards have also had the ramp angle reduced over the years---you might compare this also.


are the old and new boots the same boot sole length?



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Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay. Work sometimes gets in the way.

So as you suspect, my old boot clearly has more forward lean. I measured as you suggest and the old boot measures close to half an inch further from the wall. Also, when I wear old on left and new on right, there is a real difference. Then new boot is a bit softer and also more upright. I did put a small spacer under the heel inside the boot, but that clearly wont' do what I"m hoping to accomplish. I can clearly see that from my stick figure drawings.

So, I guess, I can add a spoiler to increase the effective forward lean, in an effort to replicate my old position, is that right?

Also,...if one has limited ankle flex, and I think I am pretty average for an older guy, would that be a concern? I mean, I guess I askiing if it would be better to increase both the ramp and the forward lean to keep the ankle angle near where it is currently?

Again,...THANKS!! Unfortunately, this is totally not intuitive for me,....so really,...thanks for the input.

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Try to get the new boot to replicate the old one and see how it goes.
Could you measure the circumference of your calf muscle just at the top of the liner and get back to me---also what is the boot sole length??"
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My calf measures 13" around,..measured at the highest part of the liner. That measurement comes, conveniently, right at

the beginning of my calf muscle.


The sole of my new boot is 306 (26.5) and my old boot is 4 mm longer.  It's tough to measure accurately because the boot,

is,...shall we say,....well loved. 


I'm thinking that adding the spoiler to the top of the liner would get me pretty close to my old boot, so I'm inclined to try that.

I don't have the spoiler, but assume a local shop would be able to supply those.


Again,...I really appreciate your feedback!



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try the spoiler----


Good luck



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Just a quick follow-up.  I used the standard Velcro spoiler and installed it in a midway

position.  In other words, utilizing about half of the available thickness.  I figure that

adds about 6 or 7 mm toward my forward lean,...and voila,...if feels good again.


Really is amazing, just a small adjustment and all of a sudden I feel totally at home on

my skis once again. 


So, now I have new boots that fit great and feel really good,...and I feel really good

on my skis.  Love it when it all comes together!


THANKS for your input Mike and Mntlion!!



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welcome,   You can drop off some nice dark beer at the store anytime ;)

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