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23 Feb – Snowbird – After getting skunked the last visit three weeks ago, this time the conditions are very nice. Bluebird, with a nice coating of fresh over top. You could tell all were more than a little antsy, as the parking lots were completely full from early in the morning, this shot being 45 minutes before the lifts opened. First time the MX108’s came out for the season. What a fine, fine ski. Kastle should never have discontinued






24 Feb – Canyons- Warm (low 40's) but good cover. Best over on the Condor side.


25 Feb – Snowbird – Snow set up very nicely and had a fine time on damp but deep snow.





26 Feb- Snowbasin – Best day of the year so far. Strawberry was awesome – snow was damp but carving deep, deep trenches was an absolute joy.




28 Feb – Snowbird – About 8-10” new.



As usual for up at Snowbird, there's a line-up long in advance of lift opening on a powder day



I took out my new Snow Logik Rock Stars with the freshies around. Let's say, so far, not a fan



Not unusual - waiting for patrol to open Mineral Basin



Apparently a couple of small slides had delayed the opening:




1 Mar – Over to the Canyons – 8-10 fresh -  Excellent day.