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East Coast Complement to Ski Quiver

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Hi all,


Id first like to introduce myself! I'm new to this forum and would like to extend my greetings to all you passionate skiers out there :) I am 6'0'', 155 lbs and an advance-expert skier (ex-ski instructor). I tend to ski pretty aggressive, enjoying deep short and long radius carving as much as bumps, glades and fresh western fluff. I live and ski in Quebec (East Coast) about 40 days per season, but occasionally go out West to Utah, Colorado and BC to hit some of that deep pow. I already own a pair of Nordica FireArrow 80 EDT 172cm 2012 (the ones with the sick colorful graphics). I got them young so they are on the shorter side now. They fill that bridge between hardcore carving and all-moutain bump/trees setting. Don't get me wrong, they charge, go fast and provide a damp stable feel at high speeds thanks to the titanium layers.


As much as I love my Nordica skis, I'm looking for a pair of versatile mid-fat skis that perform well in the following conditions in order of importance:

  • Bumps/trees
  • Powder
  • Groomers

Since my current skis have a very damp, stable feel to them, I'd like a ski which has a more poppy, jibby feel (mostly to pop a few tricks here and there, not in a park setting). Those skis would be a pair that I could bring out west on ski trips, but still ski them on the East Coast.

I've already done a fair bit of research on my own:

  • Blizzard Cochise 185cm (good overall, not so great graphics)
  • 4FRNT Hoji 187cm (sick graphics, playful, more powder oriented)
  • Armada JJ 180cm (heard they were beasts on everything, except groomers)
  • Line Sir Francis Bacon (Haven't read much on them)

I'd appreciate if you guys could give me input on the selections above, new suggestions and what not. Again, this new pair would complement my Nordica FireArrow and provide a more poppy, playful feel to the ride. I'd mostly be skiing in glades, on those occasional powder days and possibly touring out west.


Thank you very much!


PS: Being primarily francophone makes writing a piece much more difficult that it seems :)

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Hi - Welcome to Epic. Not gonna address the vital question of graphics, but of the skis you mention, one is an outlier: The Cochise. Wouldn't call it playful or jibby or very conducive to tricks. It's a stiff big mountain charger that can maneuver, very low rocker profile, not my cuppa tea a 6', 165. OTOH, will handle eastern variable the best of the bunch.


The SFB seems like a sure thing, consistently popular freestyle, hard to go wrong. Not a big JJ fan, because what some consider poppy I consider nervous. Cannot speak to the Hoji; you'll find more over at TGR. Personally, I'd add Bent Chetlers and Super 7's, just because each is a great do-all that works for lighter skiers. If you want to charge between tricks, maybe the Bibby. 

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Hey Beyond,

Thanks a lot for the input!

I've heard of the Bent Chetler. They are awesome skis. However, is a 123mm waist too much for those times when I'll be skiing on the East Coast? Same goes for the Moment Bibby at 120mm waist.

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After hard thinking, I realized that I might want something more in the 100-108 mm range to make my life easier on east coast conditions. I know I'll be sacrificing powder performance, but I think it's still worth it for the restricted amount of powder we've got here. I just checked the moment PB&J. They say it's like a skinnier Bibby which I also heard much about. I would probably buy a pair of Bibbys if I lived on the West Coast.

In the end, I'm thorn between the Blizzard Cochise or the Moment PB&J. Two very different skis. I guess it comes down to whether I want to charge and go fast or moderately charge and jib a little here and there.

GHA, so hard to choose.

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