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3 Mountain Equipment (Smuggs) Experience

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Hi all -


Just wanted to share a nice experience I had at Smuggler's Notch this weekend.  On Sat. I demo'd a couple of ski's.  As an aside, I completely agree that it is very difficult to demo specific ski's this late in the season.  After checking 5-6 shops, I was able to find exactly one ski in my size that was on my list of 7-8 ski's that I wanted to try.  That's yet another reason why the info on these boards is so helpful - while everyone agrees in theory that it's nice to demo a bunch of skis, in practice that can be quite difficult if you don't have the luxury of hitting the mountain on demo days or if you are looking late in the season etc.


So, anyway - after trying the Hell and Back and the AMP Rictor 90 I was interested in possibly buying the K2's.  The guys at the shop said they could give me 40% off minus the one day demo fee of $58 which came to $540ish for the skis and the bindings (Marker MXC 12).  I said I was skiing again in the morning and that I would mull it over and get back to them. 


Sunday when I went back in I spoke to another guy (the guy from the day before was there but busy) and he also quoted me the 40% off figure.  After haggling over another $30 off, I agreed to buy them.  At that point the employee went over to the shelf to pull the slip and discovered there was still a pair of new Rictor 90's in the same size so they couldn't sell me the demo's for that price (it would only be something like 20% off). 


Obviously I was I a little put off/disappointed since not one but two employees had quoted me that price.  At that point the guy said the best he could do was comp me the skis for the day while he checked in with his supervisor at another location to see what could be done.  I politely declined the comp offer and thanked him for whatever he might be able to do and said I would check in at the end of the day.


Twenty minutes later, the employee called me to apologize for the confusion and to tell me that they could honor the agreed upon price.  To make a short story long, I stopped back in after skiing a few hours with the family and picked up my new boards.


I think it's human nature to want to share when we've had a bad experience as a consumer and to be silent when the opposite happens.  I just wanted to share that as a business owner I sometimes make mistakes and always try to make things right with my clients.  I really appreciated that the folks at Smuggs did the same and hope that more people will share when they have similarly good experiences. 



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Thanks for posting your experience.  I have done a demo day or more each of the last 4 years with 3 Mountain Equipment at Smuggs. and also had some minor service work done there 3 times.  I have always been treated very fairly and the experience has always been a good one!

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