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Intuition Dreamliner

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I bought a pair of Lange RX 130s a couple of years ago. I skied on the them for two seasons for about 80 days total. The liner got a little sloppy this season so I decided to purchase an intuition liner, the medium volume dreamliner to be precise. I used the home heat forming kit. After about 30/40 days of skiing so far this season, this is what I can say:


- Very light compared to any other liner I've had

- Very warm - I occasionally use a toe warmer on very cold days but my feet/toes never felt cold even after 6 hours of skiing

- Roomy on toe area

- Too soft - the cuff is not supportive enough and I have performance issues on hard snow

- Fit is OK but not as good as I was expecting. The foam is hard but I can't say that it has conformed to the shape of my leg

- The liner packs out at the end of the day and I end having to really tighten the buckles to prevent a sloppy fit


Bottom line, this is not high performance liner and although is warmer and much lighter than the factory Lange liner, I would look for a much stiffer liner in the Intuition line matching the performance of the shell


Note, intuition recommended this liner based on my specifications

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In my experience, Intuitions are a bit on the soft side. I've had luck going with the higher density wrap models, current has about 90 days on them and just starting to pack out a bit. But not sure that design would work well with a RS130. 

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I have looked at the wrap model and thinking about buying one. Why do you think the wrap model won't work with the rx130? Also which intuition model are you using?

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how about the new pro tongue? It's the stiffest tongue model close to the old wrap model
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I've had MV Dreamliners in my Lange Banshee Pros for about 1.5 seasons.  IME, the Dreamliner is a "recreational" liner, and not necessarily a "performance" liner.  You might look at the FX race or Powerwrap if you want more responsiveness. 

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Originally Posted by eastern-bunny View Post

I have looked at the wrap model and thinking about buying one. Why do you think the wrap model won't work with the rx130? Also which intuition model are you using?


Boot fitter I respect said that 1) Factory RX liner is less firm than the RS but still very good, and 2) He's never seen a wrap liner used with a high performance boot like the RS/RX. My own impression - just bought the RS's after lot of trying on, including the RX's and XT's - is that he's right on both counts. I'd go for a tongue model with the RX. 

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I have used just about every Intuition liner at one time or another for race boots, freeride and ice climbing.......IMO after many wasted dollars, when the stock liner is shot in the boot it's time for new boots. If you absolutely feel the need to have a "custom liner" look into ZIP-FIT as they are light years ahead of the others.

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Thanks, i do like the intuition liner's foot section because of the warmth and comfort but i did not like the rest. Having said this, i have only used the dreamliner. I take it yu did not like any of the intuition liners?
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They are a substitute for a liner.....Since you are skiing in a 130 I assume you are a bigger, stronger, racer etc etc. I have personally used the Dreamliner, HD Race and the Powerwrap in various alpine boots. Most of the guys who are looking for a lower volume liner with positive fore/aft benefits opt for the Powerwrap over the others mentioned for the added stiffness. As you mentioned tho, these are not comfortable liners that you might expect based on their marketing. 


If you are a racer who is used to the miserable feeling of uber-low volume boots that are blown out like Afghanistan and just need a liner for the rest of the season these will get you there. .......If you have the money for the ultimate pairing, buy the Zip-fits and add them to your boots for a fitting similar to a Ferrari. It'll cost as much too.


The fact is that the IL's are $200 +/- and that can be nearly half or a third of the cost of new boots if you know where to look and at the end of the day your ski boots will never feel like they did with original liners.

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I have RS 110 wides and purchased the new pro-tongue medium volume ( I also contacted Intuition and was told to get the dreamliner for my stats but of course the shop did not stock them and of course I didn't want to wait!) I found that for my tastes they were VERY hard feeling,especially the shin area,so much that I bought some neoprene shin sleeves from Big 5 to soften the shin area.The liner really stiffened up my Langes , so much that I took out my top stiffining screw in the back of my shell.For me I didn't feel anymore warmth than the stock liners but they are much better fitting and performing after heating a couple of times with different size toe caps and pads than my stock liners.I think Intuition definitely improved their too soft,too recreational issues with this tongue style liner and they are 200.00 dollars cheaper than zipfits.

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Thanks for the info. I am considering the pro tongue. I like the foot half of the dreamliner but i much prefered the factory lange liner cuff
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