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Age & the Academy

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The other day a prospective student asked, "Will there be anyone else over 70 at the Academy?" I said that I personally have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, so I didn't know, but I supposed that he and his wife would be at one end of a bell curve with the median at age 45. The last I looked at the demographics of skiing, the median age of participants was 41--maybe 4 years ago.

This 72 year old skied the Ridge at Bridger Bowl last year. Is there anyone out there in EpicLand who can give him a run for his money at the Academy?
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Isn't one of the instructors in the upper percentile of the graph?
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Would you be talking about the one who claims to have taught Nefertiti?
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maybe I was thinking about the one who got Leonardo da Vinci to design a helicopter, cause she had this idea for skiing the backcountry...

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Oh yes, the dear boy named his prototype the Nolocopter, but even then the Italian bureaucrats were jealous of skiers and nixed the test flight. Of course Leo lost interest, went to France, where it appears he designed and built the first snowboard, which recently was unearthed in the cellar of an excavated building in the Loire River valley.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Isn't one of the instructors in the upper percentile of the graph?
nolo isn't that old - just disregard those stories about Nefertiti and Da Vinci (name dropper)
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I think there was a 70ish participant at EpicSki Academy I. He caught the flu or something and had to depart after Day Two, I believe. He thought maybe he'd hurt a rib, but told me later it turned out to be something like the flu. Of course, there were three of us in the coaches crew eligible for Social Security. I won't name the others, but they know who they are.

And Nolo is only about the age of my daughters.

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I feel 70+.

Does that count?
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I have EARLY onset senilty.


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My student and her husband are 70 something.She takes advanced step class a few times a week! [img]smile.gif[/img] They will be at the academy!
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I was hoping to encourage older skiers to come to the Academy, but I see my friends will have plenty of company already, what with all the snow on the roof of the coaching staff and the precociousness of some of our female students.
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