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The Big One at Stowe

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WOW It's snowing, snowing, snowing!!

Another 12"+ predicted, on top of several inches already today.

Looks like the Epic Ski weekend is set for great skiing.

Another storm predicted for Thursday/Friday next week!

Stowe will be ready for you all.
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Yup. somewhat hoping the road gets blocked tomorrow about 8.30am! No, not really.
Tested the Matterhorn this evening too with several colleagues and it gets a BIG tick of approval (there was no band or smoking going on though).

We can't be in the east though, this snow is so light and dry...surely we are in Utah?
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Powder Day!!!!! Whoooooooooooo!!!!! Now if I can only get my driveway dugout.

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I got STUCK at Sugarloaf (maine) this past weekend...

Grand Total after 36 hours of non-stop snow? 48 inches! : I stand 62 inches tall. WHOA!

Today? My EVERYTHING is sore. hahahaha

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