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Intro to touring

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I hate asking questions when I have so little background but if I had the background I wouldn't ask.


My better half and I recently started conversing about adding sidecountry/backcountry options to the quiver.  I don't foresee any big tours but rather would like to get away from the crowd and lay down some fresh tracks.


With that curiosity in mind, we tried on Lange XT's over the weekend.  While they were very comfortable, I was completely unimpressed with the range of motion in walk mode.


Having said that, we had anything but the undivided attention of the "bootfitter" and when I inquired about the last he quoted the flex.  I tried it with the boot buckled and unbuckled...etc.


Is there any chance we missed something or do you really need to go to true touring boot to get more than the XT offers?


Thank you.

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the XT is an OK touring option at best (good skiing, but OK touring)



also try technica cochise and magnum (98/100/102 shape)    Ski VERY well and tour better then most.



Try a dynafit TLT/mecury,   narrowish.   AMAZING walk mode, and ski better then most touring boots

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