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Surprise on the slope!

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I was at PNS (Indiana) yesterday for their Spring Carnival and I went to participate in slush pit. Apprently they had closed down the registration so I just ended up standing next to the slush pit and click some pics.


(Slush pit is just a fun event, where participants ski down a small slope and try to clear a  ~20 feet long water pond on the skis/snowboard by gliding over it (not jump)


So most of the guys were having trouble clearing the slush pit and then came a guy who not just cleared the pond in style but did a wonderful backflip in the end. Crowd cheered for him asking to repeat it and he did it one more time like it was piece of cake. In the second backflip, the US flag he was wearing covered his face so he was pretty much blind in air but that didnt cause any problem.


When he landed suddenly people ran to click pics with him etc.


I was with a friend there and I told her... "Look at that, just 2 nice jumps and suddenly he is a celebrity now".


Guess what, I found out in the night that he was Nick Goepper himself :D He just looked so much different and younger in real compared to watching him in Olympics. 




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Good for him, taking it back to his roots and supporting PNS.

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