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Feeling the Kastle MX88 "Fast Grip Shovel"'s narrower radius

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Well...hopefully someone will have experienced or heard of this and be able to give some additional thoughts on the situation. I've been doing a lot of reading to figure out what to do. Ditch the skis and get Stockli's which I think are torsionally stiffer, or get a longer length kastle...?


I just got a pair of Kastle MX88 in 168.  and have now skied them 2 days. It is the East--so on piste we're talking Icey. Moguls, quick turny maneuverability are all fine.

But, If I try to go fast and carve down a ** blue intermediate slope**, I am having unbelievable violent whole ski chattering going on....to the point that my whole body is bouncing up and down as I try to carve turns-. And this is at 1/2 the speed I can easily go on my 2008/09 Atomic Nomad Crimson's with absolute stability. (That is what I'm replacing. They are 86 underfoot and 168 long) 

--The skis are freshly tuned and honestly the sharpest tune I've ever encountered in my life. I can slice straight across a steep icey slope and I've never been able to do that before. You can feel the blades holding.


 I think it is because of my being too heavy (230lbs) for this ski geometry, despite the middle width(86/88) and lengths(168) of the Atomic and Kastle skis being the same!! I am short-hence the Atomic 168 that felt good 5 years and 80lbs ago and right now too actually!.When I go slow, the MX88 is like a slalom ski and it is obvious that the shovel of the ski really pulls me right around in a tight radius.**Not the roughly 17 m radius that is the sidecut of the ski. The shovel and sidecut being 2 different radii is on their website. As I go progressively faster, this front tip still continues to strongly hook and pull that tight radius and I just have to use a lot more muscles to keep carving down the blue slope (as centripetal force gets pretty strong when you are swinging a 230lb mass with more and more velocity around a tight radius. Then Chattering getting stronger and stronger as the edges of the ski fight to hold. I have felt that even at moderately fast speeds, I need to almost entirely unload pressure from the front shovel in order to get it disengaged enough that it isn't making the whole ski buck. And to allow the 17m radius to work without being strongly pulled/pushed.  I think that at my weight, when going fast there is too much continual pressure on the shovel for it to disengage enough for a smooth transition to longer radius turns.


?? Is more of the shovel of the ski on the snow as you put more pressure on the ski when you go faster? (like when you have a rocker or early rise tip/tail and supposedly when really carving and tipping it on edge, you are getting more of the ski edge on the snow) ?


..  I fooled around with changing how I ski these skis over the first run. I can have the 17m radius of the ski sidecut ,and make "normal" length turns (as opposed to pretending I'm a slalom racer) if I do not pressure the front of my boots in any way. Which literally requires me to put all the weight of my body on the middle arch and heels of my feet. And then I have to continue in this manner. You can ski blue groomers poorly in this manner, but not no fall zones in the canadian rockies--In which my Atomic's performed  with no thought to their being there; as if they were an extension of my body. (But I was able to demo 30 skis for free before I picked them, and right now I can't demo anything for free)  And not the Kastle MX line--only some of the others. BMX..


So...Should I 

A. guess that the torsional stiffness is not enough and demo the Stockli VXL ($60 to demo) and the current Atomic Nomad Crimson($50 demo) and then sell off the MX88 -168

B. Sell off the MX88 -168 and buy the 178, hoping that would solve it. 

C. Keep the MX88 Assume that a certain amount of weight loss would create force loads that allow me to ski it like I read everyone else whom all seem to be demoing/skiing the 178..Skiing my Atomic's until that point(probably next year)


Thank You Everyone and Anyone who responds!


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FWIW, most people that are skiing that ski in that ski in that size are around 100 lbs lighter than you.

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Could be a poor tune, could be poor technique, but most definitely those skis are too short for your weight.

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Now....the 178's or Stockli VXL?


I will sell the 168's !  I only payed $450 for them as they were also used maybe 3 times from what he said online and the looks of them when I got them confirmed it, so hopefully won't take any loss) Any takers? They are in almost brand new shape. I'd offer them to family, but it's best if they don't know I bought skis in my current financial state :)  Of course the fact that I am now sleeping in my car rather than a hotel room for the several days a week I go skiing--so that I can buy new skis! Ahh what I do in order to ski....


 I was confused because the Atomics haven't done this with over 100 pound weight difference(145 to 275 and down to 230 now- unhealthy marriage and divorce (Yuck)) They just skied softer and I stopped tuning them sharp at a store.

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Check the Kastle ski finder on their web site for the right size. The skis are too short for sure but the chatter is probably in the new tune.
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Ahhh..there it is...178....I hadn't know that was there until I just finally tried the "find the right ski for what you want to do"

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This is almost surely a tuning issue (or pilot error). This ski rides like it is on rails and has no speed limit. I ski this in a 168 and it rips ( I also have the MX 78 in a 178)

Go get 'em tuned 1 degree base 2degree side and give them another chance.

Ride on!

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Originally Posted by epic View Post

FWIW, most people that are skiing that ski in that ski in that size are around 100 lbs lighter than you.


Most, but not all.  I'm 15 lbs lighter than the OP and short as well and I'm on the 168's.  I've never experienced what the OP is describing.  The MX88 is smooth at all speeds for me and as stable as I could possibly want.  It likes to be skied aggressively, IMO, and I do just that.  The shop I bought them from helped pick the right size and I demo'd them before buying.  After the fact I check the Kastle ski finder and it also put me on the 168's.  I'm guessing technique is at least part of the equation here.

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Kästle's got me on that ski, too, and I weigh 165.  Hm.

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