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New Hampshire recs

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We're going to visit some cousins on the north shore of Boston, arriving Tuesday 3/11 and plan to do day trips on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Cannon will be one stop, probably Thursday (it's cheap, a twofer day). Cousin will decide what to do Wednesday, but we may stay up north Thursday nite in Lincoln, so where to go Friday, before we head back to Salem? I'd like to see Wildcat, if only for the views, but how gnarly is it? We're interested in cruising, not bumps or extreme steeps at our advanced ages. And there's supposed to be a dump on Wednesday!
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Wildcat is actually better than Cannon (IMHO) for long, beautiful cruisers and it's supposed to be skiing pretty good right now: .  

If you catch a nice spring ski day there the views will blow you away!  A powder day wouldn't be bad either.:D 

Old trip report with some of the mtns you are talking about:

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Thanks. Supposed to snow Wednesday into Thursday. How tough would it be to drive toWildcat from Lincoln area to Wildcat on Fri am if it has been snowing?
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The drive from Lincoln to Wildcat isn't too bad. The notches that you'll drive through are heavily salted.

Also agree that Wildcat had beautiful cruising trails. Polecat is the best green trail in New England, IMO. If you want challenge, though, it is there.
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Thanks. Supposed to be bluebird on Fri, so Wildcat would be nice. Lodging recs at either Cannon or Wildcat?
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The North Colony in Bartlett , nh , is great . It's near base of Attitash , and a short way from Wildcat .

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