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Plug boots are cracked. What next?

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I'm wondering what to look at as a replacement for my cracked plug boots. Although I no longer race, I have really enjoyed the precise fit of plug boots and would be sad to give them up. I noticed some fore-aft play and upon further inspection, the spine that is part of the lowers is cracked and affecting flex, which means the boots are finished.


The boots I'm replacing are Lange RL 11 ZB/ZB. I got them when I was no longer racing and the flex is perfect for skiing around the mountain. The fit was a bit difficult, especially in the heel, but I have used them comfortably for the past 3.5 seasons. I picked them up online for very cheap and got them fitted locally.


Before that, when I was still racing and coaching back East, I had 2007 Nordica Dobermann 150s (pre-EDT). I'd say these were more comfortable than my Langes, primarily in the heel. But the flex was too stiff for the skiing I've been doing in Whistler.


A couple questions:


- If I go for another plug boot, is there any reason to avoid going for a model that is a few years old? Have designs changed much since my RL 11s and Dobie 150s? Keep in mind that I'm no longer running gates. I'm just looking for a good performing boot with a precise fit.


- What would I lose by going with a race-inspired non-plug boot?


I know the answer is to go see a bootfitter, but my RL 11s cost me $100 plus bootwork and I would love to do this on a similar budget.

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Before advising there are a few things you might keep in mind when you email us.  With only one or two exceptions everyone here is not only a very experienced fitter with training far outside the norm for shops but also we are shop owners as well, volunteering to answer questions here.  As shop owners stories about $100 boots that we assume to come from an internet site don't make us smile.  But your desire to keep skiing in a plug boot does, so.


In my opinion boot design hasn't changed since plastic was invented.  Certainly boots look different, liners may be better but the design still uses still plastic to transmit your movements with softer liners between skin and shell for warmth and comfort.  Nothing remotely as revolutionary as new ski shapes has been evident in boots.


Get any plug shell you want it will be the same as the one before it.  Giving up and moving to a recreational race boot means going to a wider width (typically 98mm) and softer flex.  The flex I don't see as an issue if it works for you.  Most rec race boots in a 130 when cold are still pretty firm.  The fit is another issue.


If you've been able to get comfortable in a plug boot and can put up with the in and out then continue as long as you can find someone with enough skills to get you comfie.  Snowcovers used to be very capable, assume they still are.



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Lou, thank you very much for your reply. You have confirmed that I would be best to stick with another plug boot.

Also, I have not posted here for a while and was unaware of how this subforum works. I meant no disrespect for the work that you do and appreciate that skilled boot fitters take the time to provide insight. I will be more precise with what I ask here next time. I should also mention that, while my purchase cost was low on my last pair of boots, I am sure the reputable shop that did the work smiled as I paid the hefty boot fitting bill.
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Enjoy your new boots

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