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The new Krypton boots from Dalbello

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Just a heads up for anyone currently skiing the Dalbello Krypton series boot.  I have about 600 days on the 2008 Krypton Pro, and it's pretty much done.  Recently I purchased the Krypton Fusion to replace it, took it out to ski, and couldn't.  I have a bad knee that can't take any lateral torque, and the new boot was really putting my knee in pain.  I then did my research only to ind out the the 2013/14 Krypton boots are completely re-vamped to suit the new more upright stance of younger skiers on fat boards.  The forward lean is only 12 degrees as opposed the 19 degrees on my old boots.  They achieved this reduction in forward lean by dropping the heel and building less lean into the cuff.  Having skied most of my life on boots with 19 - 24 deg. forward lean, this change is just too much for me and my bad knee.  I'm looking for an older model Krypton Pro on epic ski, used, 26.0 or 26.5 to replace my old boots, and if you are looking for a brand new Krypton Fusion for a great price, 26.5, let me know.

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Interesting. I have a Krypton Storm from a few years ago, and I thought it was already pretty moderate in forward lean. I like that. Couldn't say if I'd like even less, though.

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I have Krypton Pros and skied them with the large forward lean wedge for a few years and then went to the smaller wedge, which I believe is 15 degrees, and forced myself to learn to ski them because upright is supposed to be better.  I finally got used to them and I think my legs get less fatigued.  I was looking at their new (2013-14) Lupo, which is a KR2 style AT boot, basically an alpine boot with a walk mode.  The only problem is that they have only 9 degrees of forward lean and, unlike most of Dalbellos other boots, it is not adjustable.


One thing I have learned is that, just like boot flex ratings, forward lean numbers used by manufacturers are not consistent between different companies, only within the same brand.

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I have a pair of three year old Fusion ID's - or Cores or whatever they called the 120 flex then - in 26.5. If I can find them you're welcome to them. Only diff from the K was medium flex tongue and boot board. Don't know the angle but definitely more than current ones I have. Keep in mind this was the year before the new last, so they aren't as snug in back or wide across the metatarsals. Pretty meh in retrospect for my feet, might be perfect for someone else.
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If you have a pair of Kryptons you know you can change out almost any part of the boot and includes the forward lean adjustment wedge. I have a pair of 2009s that have that feature that just slips out and you can make more forward or upright adjustment with the wedge you choose . The newer models have wedge held in with a screw. The older versions like mine the wedge is gray/silver color and slids in or out if you hyper flex the boot forward. Get a wedge with more incline. It's the cheaper way to go and should have been included with boot purchase.
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Too bad, you are a few weeks late. I just got rid of a virtually mint 2008 Krypton Pro that I barely used. It had the intuition Gold ID Liner and was complete with all the doodads that came with the boots. Most responsive boots I ever owned, but it just didn't fit my type of skiing.
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when I got my KR2 pro I just matched the ramp to my old my boots and all my problems went away. 

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Can you explain how you did that?  I've tried the bigger wedge on the boot cuff.  I tried the old boot boards with modifications from my original Krypton boot (note: the old board sits your heel a good 3/8 in. higher than the new one).  I can get to where I want to be with forward lean, but not without compromising the comfortable fit I got in the new boot without modifications.  I'd like to get the new boots to work, but the bottom line is that with a lax knee joint, how that knee interacts with the forward lean of the boot is the deciding factor.

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Can you quote me a price?  What I need more than a new boot is a boot that works for me.  I'll wait for your answer.

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