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November Newsletter is Out--Enrollment Info

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Hello, all--

I have just sent the November Newsletter out, with info on the Eastern Tune Up to be held at Stowe in less than a month--December 13-14th, and the upcoming EspicSki Academy at Snowbird in January. If you're on the list and didn't get it, let me know. If you'd like to get it and aren't on the list, email me ( dwightcramer@comcast.net ) or PM me and I'll add you to the list. Be sure to include your own email address.

Now, for something there has been some curiousity about--how many people are currently planning to come. Here's what we reported in the newsletter:

We've gotten strong responses to both ESA2 and the ETU. So far, 35 participants have signed up for the Eastern Tune Up. We still have space, but we've already got critical mass for the event, and before, during and after, the ETU is going to be a blast. For ESA2, we have just under 60 signups, also satisfying. From the coaches clinic on Sunday and the welcome party Sunday evening, to the Closing Gala being orchestrated by Wear the Fox Hat, ESA2 will be an energy vortex, too.

Between the two events, we already have about three times as many people signed up to participate as we had total student participants at our inaugural effort at Brighton last year. So we are feeling pretty good about that.

In one respect, however, the market has spoken.

So far, for ESA2, almost everyone has signed up for the first session, and the interest in the second session has been, ahem, restrained. While at first blush a tiny second session might sound like fun, trying to do that poses some practical problems, particularly since, while we were prepared for each session to have a different character, we want to present the same program to participants in each session. We'd rather focus our energy, enthusiasm and talents on delivering for everyone who comes to the program, than spread ourselves between a session that has big momentum and one that, for whatever reason, doesn't.

So we've decided to scrub the second session of ESA2. Joan has already been in contact with everybody who had signed up for it, because we really don't want to disrupt anyone's plans. We would certainly have liked to do this two weeks in a row at Snowbird, but maybe next year. And, at least this clears the way for everybody to go to the Gathering.

That is where we are for the time being. We've already contacted the people who had signed up for the first session and have heard back from three-quarters of them (if you're one of the two who hasn't gotten back to Joan, please do so).

If you email me over the next couple of days, I'll be slow to respond, because I've got some Thanksgiving traveling, so please accept the apology. If you're in the USA, have a great Thanksgiving! If you're elsewhere in the world, don't turn off the alarm and go back to sleep tomorrow. I'm afraid it's a work day.

Best to all.

Dwight Cramer, aka Sno'more
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Woo hoo!!! Did you check out the instructor profiles in the newsletter?
"Vera!" Are you open to working with intermediates? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I sent you and email with my address again telling you that I stil haven't received this...did you get it. I still haven't received the November Newsletter.
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skierteach--could you send Dwight an email at the above address?

In the meantime, here's the URL: www.paragoncoaching.com/pub/documents/ESANovember2003Newsletter.htm

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Hey, everyone--

I have just sent out the newsletter to anybody who contacted me over the weekend.

There are two exceptions to this--matteo and kieli. If you guys could contact me again, I'll be happy to resend. K--I don't know why you aren't turning up, but please contact me. M--let me know what your new email address is.

Best to all.

Dwight a/k/a sno'more
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