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Dang. My season's over -- groin injury

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I've been skiing better & better - gaining confidence in bowls, tight tree runs, and even steep & tight chutes.  I've been skiing with a ski patrol friend who has given me a few pointers that really helped.  He also took me to places I didn't know even existed on the mountain, and I've been skiing ~ 80 days/year at this spot for the past several years.


Then, I skied with my wife, who only skies intermediate groomers.  


We were on what is basically an access road that is also a ski-run, and I did something stupid, and pulled my groin muscles.  I realized my day was over, so my intention was to ski carefully to a place where I could get a courtesy ride back to base -- and 3/4 of the way there, something happened (not sure what) and I fell & pulled that groin even more, at which point I went the rest of the way down in a toboggan courtesy of the ski patrol.


No bones were broken.  But,  I pulled/tore some groin muscles including my left hip adductor, gluteus maximus,  maybe a bit of hamstring... I really did a number, according to the sports/rehab doctor I saw.  More than a Grade 1 injury; at least a 2.  He said based my progress while in PT, he'll do an MRI if warranted about a month after the injury (he left town to go to Sochi as he's a team physician for the US Paralympic Team; the Paralympic Games are in Sochi March 7-16, so I have to wait for his return). 


About 6 days after the injury, I had progressed to use just one crutch rather than two... then... early in the AM (maybe 4AM), I awoke to a sharp stabbing pain, and think I heard something pop -- I think I was rolling over in bed & somehow my foot was caught in the blanket.  Back to 2 crutches.

I started PT this week (about 10 days post-injury).  After an evaluation visit, I'm now in the pool walking on a water treadmill & jogging in place in the deep end (no foot contact), doing scissors, etc.  This is slow going.


The sports/rehab doctor told me my season's over.  He said if I were 16 and in great shape, maybe I could catch the end of the season, but at my age, he said just get well & get strong for next year.


Within a 2 week period my two best skiing buddies & I all tore muscles.  


Yes, getting old sux, but it's better than the alternative.

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That sucks.  Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

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