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what is my options?

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I need to replace liners in my  boots. Intuition liner even low-volume to big in my boots shell. My  ski boots are atomic RT FR 98mm last maybe 4 years old. Very tight fit shell fit under 10 mm out-of-the-box without any problems. Custom footbed.


where I can buy replacement liners?

Will liner from newer model work in older shell?

Is there any change over the years to RT ... now it's WC ?

any other models from atomic similar fit to RT?


thank you in advance for your help

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Can't answer specifically about Atomic liners, but any shop selling Atomics should be able to.  Aftermarket liners are really only two; Intuition and Zipfit.  bot are different and have advantages.  Zipfit is more difficult I would say to make work but fit is very solid and they won't pack out in four years.  Purchase from Zipfit USA online.  Intuition is warmer and typically I'd say easier to fit but won't be quite as solid.



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intuition do not fit into  shell, local bootfitter tried, too little space allowable. zip fit... I can't justify the cost.

My liner did not pack out much   I can continue using it as is

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the atomic RT FR was the same as the old RT CS (club sport) race boot, the new redster has a different shape, a redster liner may well fit into the shell but you would need to try it, being as we are now going into the 3rd season of redster it is unlikely that Atomic will have any of the old race tech liners left in stock

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how about liner from older RT TI or STI? Will they work?


any other 98mm last boots have similar fit to older aromic RT?

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