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Ski length

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Hello, i am wondering what length to go with for my new pair of skis, 6'3 175-180 lbs. deciding in the mid 180cm (184+cm) to the lower 190cm (193-cm)? any input would be helpful. thank you epic skiers

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more info. Where do you ski, how do you ski, what qualities are you looking for in a ski, etc.


By height and weight I'd say mid 80's would be better.

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montana mainly but will be going to wyo co and ID a few times a year as well. Aggressive but not overly aggressive. want a ski that responds well in trees and powder but handles hard-pack decently as well. Thinking about the new Bent Chetlers deciding between the 185 and 192 also have the CRJ in mind and the Rocker 2.

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If you want a ski that's quick in the trees(a good attribute BTW) then you want a ski that's on the short side.  If you want a ski to give you better float in powder then you want a ski on the long side.  And, the more rocker a ski has the shorter it will ski so the longer you want it to be.  I skied this year's Bent Chetler last year at Big Sky, in the trees, in a bit of powder(we ducked a rope) and on a groomer back to the base.  I liked it in the trees and in the powder but not much on the groomer.  It's a ski with a lot of rocker and bit of camber.  Maybe I'm just not strong enough to get a 123mm waist ski on edge or maybe it needed a good tune, but I really didn't like it on the groomer.  I ended up buying a pair of Rituals, 103mm waist, less rocker and more camber.  They're much better on groomers than the BCs and at 150 pounds I've got all the floatation I need in powder and they're quite nimble in the trees.  For 2015, the BC is down to 120mm.  The Atomic website doesn't yet list the lengths but if its the same as this season, it will be 183 and 192.  I'm about 5'8" and skied the 183 and thought it was fine so I think you would want the 192.

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thank you so much MTcyclist!! the 2015 bc comes in 185 and 192. im not using it as a daily driver since red lodge is my closet hill but again i will be traveling around and skiing probably cutting ropes a time or two as well. 

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Ski length is a tricky subject, and much more than the measurement of the actual length is involved in a decision.


As skis of a make & model are designed, the longer lengths are made stiffer.  The ski must have the backbone built into it to return the energy the skier puts into it back to the skier.  A ski that is too soft will feel like it "washes out."  A ski that is too stiff won't respond as designed and won't give the skier the full benefit they paid for.  I figure that the longest ski in any ski line is made for the biggest, strongest, fastest skier on the hill.  That isn't me.  I've had only one misfire over the years by selecting the next-to-longest ski in the line--I'm 6', 200#, good skier, not a hard charger.  I know a 5'9", 165# hard charger skier who prefers the same ski model & length I use--we put about the same energy into the ski and get that energy back from the ski.  Years ago Salomon tried to size skis using a PR performance rating system, but it never took off--too bad.


My carver skis come in a max length of 177.  I've tried them, and they're like skiing on 2x4s for me--just don't respond to my skiing input.  The 170 is great for me.

My all-mountain skis come in a max of 184, and the 177s are just right for me.

My powder skis come in a max of 187, and the 180s are sweet on my feet.

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