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I have to work Monday AM and so will be leaving Sunday, but could hang out until 5:30.
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Well the ice cream hole in my fridge is very small, and haagen das is on sale! and comes in small containers. The Ben and Jerry's is more pricey, I'm hoping it goes on sale sometimes (Shaws is almost next door here). I've had the ice cream that comes in the larger containers here before, and it's pretty ordinary, I'm sorry to say. We get Sara Lee ice cream back home, and it's absolutely premium. The chocolate is to die for.

yeah, that painful cheese is the Cabot's habanero (on sale!). Tastes pretty good actually. I might buy some more. I checked out the library today, very good place indeed. haven't found the ski museum, but I haven't done mountain road on foot yet.

Um, is this normal, do you americans not bake pumpkin when roasting turkeys and things? I suggested baked pumpkin tonight as a thanksgiving option and got blank looks. We roast beef, lamb, chook, turkey, pork etc, and chuck in spuds, and pumpkin. Is this not done here?
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Originally posted by Bonni:
Attention ETU attendees: Please bring a food donation for ant. No turnips or habanero cheese, please.
I'm providing my own turnip (provided I can find one), I'm becoming quite fond of that habanero cheese (just not with beer), and have brought you and Jeff a bit of aboriginal art to stick on your wall (he knows why). Hope you like it! Someone said this aboriginal stuff is popular with 'mericans right now.
It might need a frame htough. I knew a frame wouldn't survive the trip. I'm amazed anything did, I brought someone here a large chocolate bar and it got all broken up. They go through your bags looking for terr'rists when you're not there, and don't re-pack them, they just close them up.
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Did you bring me a koala and a baby 'roo? [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I'll settle for a Kookabura if you brought one.

Have Emma and Bibi arrived yet? Focused is showing at the Rusty Nail next week, we should all get together down there for that.
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There's a Kookaburra on my website for you to look at, I like them as they eat snakes. Koalas are stoned and piss on you, I'm not kidding! Joeys dive into mum's pouch at the hint of anything and mum goes bounding off with her pouch bouncing off the ground, so catching them is not easy. There are some shots of roos fightin' on my site too, took them all from my bedroom window.

It has been raining here, I'm sad to say. it is meant to get colder tomorrow though. Sigh! Businesses and households are starting to put out their budlight displays, and pretty just got a whole lot prettier.
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Ant said:
...haven't found the ski museum, but I haven't done mountain road on foot yet.
The Ski Museum is in the center of town. It is in the old town hall building. Here is their website: Vermont Ski Museum And here is a picture of the building to help you find it better:
It is actually diagonally across from where Mountain Rd. (Route 108) leaves the center of Stowe.

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Originally posted by epic:
I'll settle for a Kookabura if you brought one.

Have Emma and Bibi arrived yet? Focused is showing at the Rusty Nail next week, we should all get together down there for that.
Epic.......Bibi left Sofia on Weds, flying to Cin and then driving to Stowe, think she's due to arrive there today or tomorrow. Emma is flying out on Monday, arriving during the evening.

Nail sounds good to me

See ya soon
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What is focussed, and the rusty nail? If it's a noisy smokey bar, unfortunately i'm violently allergic to tobacco smoke so smokey bars aren't much fun. Even the clothing of a smoker can set me off! I go to them sometimes, but don't enjoy it much, or the aftermath. Can't hear a damn thing if a band is playing, too, symptom of age and a mis-spent youth no doubt, but my ears shut down. common problem I imagine.

That intersection with the Mountain Road is a bit of a mess! No wonder I missed the museum. Just crossing there is quite fraught.
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Hey ant,

Make that one emu, hold the Skippy.

Aboriginal art would be awesome! Jeff thanks ya. I spent a year in Exmouth, W. Austrailia (Northwest Cape), and all I brought home were some urchins from the beach, Vegemite, Milo, and a souvenir boomerang that actually works (kinda). I did a lot of fishing, a little snorkelling, and lots of wandering in the bush, cuz that's all there was...bush, bush, and bush (gawd, I hope IG is not reading this [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] )

See you in a coupla weeks!
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Focused is the new Matchstick Production Movie, and I hate to admit it, but I;ve never been to the Rusty Nail. I never make it beyond the Matterhorn (the smoky bar at the bottom of the hill).
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Matterorn? Smokey? uh . . . let's move on down the hill to the Shed.
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Emus are horrible! They look and act exactly like Bryan Brown...who was the guy who looks like an Emu in Cocktail, and Breaker Morant, and god knows what else. They will eat anything not nailed down.

that's why I like the US so much...they are quite civilised generally about smoking, or NOT smoking! In Oz it's gradually becoming illegal to smoke pretty well anywhere there are people.

Ah, we drove up this evening to pick up some skis, as it'll be a 7.30am powder ski tomorrow, and people are getting their budlights out! The Shed had put theirs up...I do like what Americans can do with a few handfuls of budlights. It has snowed in a convincing fashion today.
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Hm, Epic, Morristown...I think we have driven there a couple of times the past day or so! Very nice indeed. (We have been Shopping...).
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