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So I'm using for the second season a pair of bokta pants / victorio jacket that I used to love. They both have at most 15 days, pants have more days than the jacket but I'd say that both have between 10 to 15 days.


I usually wash using nikwax and keep them clean fresh out of the laundry room during the summer. Last weekend I was skiing on a storm/web/snow/rain day for a few ours and noticed the fabric was getting dump on the outside, when I got home I looked at both pieces and they were both wet on the inside, big BUMMER for a high price pieces of outerwear. I have never had any issue with gore-tex and those pieces have more days of use then my dry.q elite.


few pictures I took right after getting home:







As I hope you can see both the outside and inside are getting wet.


So, first of all I'm not here to talk about MH Lifetime Warranty or anything other than the quality of the product, don't wanna turn this on a "talk to MH first" kinda thread.


I did already send some pictures to MH and got a fast response back from the customer agent that told me and I quote "there may be a flaw in the waterproof membrane of your jacket" he also asked me to send both back that they would look into it and repair/replace it.


Now my question, I'm kinda worried to replace this by another Dry.Q Elite product and run into the same issue. I'd have the option to return the pieces to the store and get a store credit instead of a replacement from MH by another jacket/pants.


So how's your experience with Dry.Q Elite so far? I've been recommending MH to friends and I kinda feel bad right now for doing this. Can I trust Dry.Q Elite again? Should I give up Dry.Q Elite?


I've never had any problems even with my pertex softshell! And these Dry.Q Elite pieces are supposed to be a hardshell 100% waterproof!


Are you happy with your MH Dry.Q Elite piece? Are you using for a long time?