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Hootie-hoo! The Bird's Got SNOW!

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See Snowbird's Pic of the Day November 17, 2003
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I'll be skiing the Bird on Wensday.
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I'll confirm. I made tracks up there Saturday. It was the best opener I've had since moving to Utah!
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This sort of teasing is uncalled for guys!

For your information, here in the East we are getting dumped on also. A little a higher in water content, a little different consistency, but it is coming down just the same. We call it rain because of the higher temperature, but now we are nitpicking. :

With a little luck we'll be water skiing on freakin' Spatulas by Thanksgiving.
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What an awesome photo nolo!

And Tom, ROFL, at that very wet, warm "snow"
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.... only 67 more sleeps until it is my turn, but whose counting [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Who is getting ansy?!
one picture is??
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