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ETU Enrollment

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Well, what's the latest?

Wondering what enrollment #'s are like, and what class sizes are going to be.

Still room for 2?
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Yes, Xdog, there's still room for two and more. ETU Director Bob Barnes is prepared. When the numbers reach a place at which Bob feels we're at the limit - and remember, we're talking world class quality coaching and nothing less - he'll announce that applications are closed.

So Xdog, come on up!
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Yes, like Oboe says, we still have room in the Eastern Tune-Up. Reservations have been strong, I'm pleased to say, and we've just added another outstanding coach: Kristi Robertson. Kristi is a very highly regarded PSIA-East Examiner and top-level instructor from the Stowe Ski School. She enthusiastically accepted my invitation to join us as a coach, and I'm happy to have another truly outstanding professional on board. It speaks well for our program that top pros like Kristi are excited about joining us!

Here's an update to the coaching staff for the ETU (alphabetically):

Bob Barnes
Tom Burch
Stu Campbell
Tod O'Dowd
Ric Reiter
Kristi Robertson
Doug Stewart
Tim Thompson

Dave Merriam will participate too, as a "roving coach," as his busy schedule as Stowe's Ski School Director allows.

I look forward to seeing you at Stowe!

Best regards,

[ November 15, 2003, 09:28 PM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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