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Boot fitting fun - narrow, cold feet

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(Was posted in a general gear forum - reposted here)


Hey guys, wonder if you can help with this. I've snooped a bit, this is my first post.


I ski anything on the mountain, double blacks with rocks, trees, and small drops.


I have feet that are just shy of 28 on the mondo scale. Width measures to nearly dead on halfway between A and B on 28.


For about a decade I rode X-Wave 8.0 size 28.5 boots (I suppose its a size 28 shell). The fit is a bit sloppy, but the main thing that drove me to search for a new solution was my feet getting cold. A typical -15 C (5 F) would have me in the lodge after about 1.5 hours for a warmup but I could be good for the rest of the day if I stayed on runs that kept me moderately working. I'm pretty good about staying warm over the rest of my body and, minus the issues with my feet, can be out in -30 C and have skied in as low as -40 C.


A local boot fitter nay-sayed on putting Intuitions in the shell, including the high volumes, and plugged me into Head B5 size 28 boots. The fit is tighter and steering response somewhat better. However, the widest part of my foot on the "outside" of the foot is getting crushed. Badly enough that I wore my boots for two hours and have felt it for six days. My feet are also colder - they are colder with chemical toe warmers in these boots than in the X-Wave's without. The result of cold, crushed feet is not good skiing.


Price isn't the biggest object, but it is important that I have a decent fit, no damage to my feet from crushing, and warm boots.


I have considered Intuition liners and expect that this is probably the route to go liner wise regardless of the shell.

What are your thoughts...

A) What boot should I look to to fit me best?

B) What liner should I look to?

C) Will/can I get an acceptable fit by using high volume dreamliners in the X-Waves with either "thin ski socks" or thicker ski socks?



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with the dimensions you have given the x wave will fit like a bucket, maybe the B5 just needs a bit of width in the shell, something a boot fitter can easily achieve


if you can get a chemical toe warmer into the boot i am worried that there  are bigger issues than width!

how is your ankle joint flexion, if it is limited then the B5 has a lot of forward lean and may cause you to stand on the ball of the foot cut the blood flow off and send your feet numb/cold


have a read at http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me  and see if the fitter has done a good job or if there is any more info you can give us

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where you able to leave the toe buckles loose on the new boots?   are your feet warmer with looser buckles?   do yo NEED the buckles that tight?

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