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Rossi Avenger 76 Carbon as first ski?

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Hello All,


I'm getting near the end of my first year of skiing and I'm starting to look at buying equipment for next season.  I'm 38 years old, 5' 7" and 185 lbs.  I'm an advancing beginner, about 10 days this year, making mostly parallel turns, but not really carving yet.  I'm just starting to ski blues.  I took a few lessons when I started, and could probably use some additional lessons now.  I ski strictly groomed trails in Vermont.  The last few times out, there has been a fair bit of powder/drifts/crud on the trails, along with some icy spots, so this is pretty typical conditions.  I'm interested in exploring some powder as I get better, but I don't expect to spend much time there.  I have no interest in moguls, and don't expect to for at least several years, if ever.  I'd like a ski that I will last me several years as I grow into a solid intermediate skier, without being overly expensive.  My goal with these skis would be to learn to carve and comfortably ski blue groomers.  I'm looking at the Avenger Carbon 76 at 154cm for under $200 with bindings.  I've tried to do as much research as possible, and my thinking is the ski is designed for a more advanced skier, but the Carbon should be softer and more forgiving, and being on the short end for my height/weight should make it manageable.  It seems it should be a very solid performing ski that will let me know if my technique is poor without punishing me for it.  The lease equipment I am on this season are Head Rev80s at a VERY short 142cm (it's what they suggested and I didn't know any better at the time.)  Any thoughts on how the Carbons would work for me would be greatly appreciated.  Suggestions on other skis I could pick up for around $200 (used or new) that would be a better alternative is also welcome.



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Welcome to Epic tob, I ski the Rossi Avenger 76 and it's a great groomer ski for hard or soft snow. At your size I would consider a longer version of the Avenger 170cm. That way you will enjoy the benefits of a longer ski as you progress. 

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This is a good ski, I tried it out at a demo out West Last year.  I am looking for the Rossi Avenger 82 Ti in white, anyone see one in 180cm let me know.  But to get back to your question the 76 was also very decent and a lot easier to find. 

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For some reason the Avengers keep their price up and are hard to find.

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If you can, you could rent for a bit longer and as you progress you will want and be able to drive more advanced skis.


Maybe you could hit a demo day or rent from shops that provide skis better than the normal "rental class" category.


This way you will have more feeling when deciding to buy a ski? I'm saying this because if you progress quick you might soon grow to dislike the flex, length or waist width of what right now you deem as comfortable


just my 2 cents for thought

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Here we go again.

If you plan to do this for a while, get a good fitting boot first. Boots will help you advance faster then skis.

I also agree you should be on a longer ski, 170 or may be a 163cm. I also like wider skis.

You should take a couple lessons when you decide and get a ski, most of the skis in the 80-88 mm waist would be fine as long as you commite to lessons and learn how to drive them.

For someone your age, you have many years ahead of you. IMO get a good fitting boot, rent/demo some of the 80-88mm all mountian skis and take a lesson with them.

I think you'll find that as you get better skills the 80-88mm ski will allow you to explore more of the hill and increase the fun factor.
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