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Nordica Soul Rider vs 4FRNT Cody?

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Is there anyone have any experience on both of these who can say how they compare?  Looking at rocker profile I would guess the Cody is a little better on bumps and groomers and the Soul Rider would be better in the woods and a bit of fresh (I have other skis for deeper days).


I'm 5' 9", 175 and I ski Sugarbush, Stowe, Whistler, and local Ontario hills where I like to poke around in the woods for lack of anything else interesting to do.


I know there are a whole bunch of other aprox 100 mm all mountain twin twips out there, and more threads than I can count discussing them, so here I'd just like to ask if anyone happens to be able to speak to the differences between these two skis as an East Coast "most days" ski, most likely complemented by a Volkl Shiro.


I'll throw some shape/rocker pix in, in case anyone is able to comment on likely performance on that basis.


Soul Rider



4FRNT Cody


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The CODY is an excellent ski. I am 6'2" and ski the 186 cm. Love it at Alta during a high pressure ridging period. That ski rips.

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Curious on this too - was going to get some SR's on the blem sale but only 177's left - Cody's can be had for just a few more $'s

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I actually did go for a 177 blem - but I'm not super fast or super aggressive.  Plus backcountry raised the price on the Cody's this week, it was 389, went up to 419.

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Honestly for the purpose of eastern tree skiing/ smooth groomer skiing the 177 has a decent bit of stability.  its not a crud buster at speed but has no issues when slowed down.


I have never been on the Cody's but the SR are fun little ski comparable to the Blizzard "the one" but slightly better in every condition due to what feel like for me a stiffer tail, and rocker/camber vs fflat tip and tail rocker. 


I bought mine for basically ripping around woods on days it has not snow in while, and its fun enough on early morning groomers, bumps as well its a great skied out woods skis and does fine while searching for powder. I have basically been teaching all my lesson on it as well. 

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