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Disagree.   A 1970 Buick Wildcat would be a great ride.  Dito a turbocharged 1980 Buick Regal (S-type).  Those skis are junk. 

You could go as far back as 2005 and get a good ski.  If the skis look straight with no side cut, forgetaboutit.

Ghost: Then I guess I can still say that about my Rossignol bright yellow 7S skis!  I just took them out last night and they did fine! :D :irony:  



The old skis make good Coat racks as well, some one on ebay is selling them! 


Ditto to Walt's, great break down of Skis over the last 20 years! 



The Wildcat was stable at speed; the 7S not so much. :D  Fischer skis were better:p, but still had a low speed limit unless you stepped up to a speed ski.  For pure slalom I preferred the Dynastars (with the chicken hearts), but they didn't last long.  If you already know how to drive them they aren't that bad (requires a lot of pressure on the tips to make a good SL turn).  I would not advise trying to learn on them though, not when there is so much better available.

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Slash: do yourself a favor and look up some decent skis over the last "lets just say" 5 years, frankly I would't go back any further.  Here is an example, tonight just for Sheesh and giggles I pulled out my Straight Skis and took them through a GS course we setup and then decided to do some free riding on the for about 4 runs.  Well they are now officially retired they don't even come close to how the new skis these days, it was like skiing on a dull unresponsive razor blade with zero power steering, after 3 runs my knees hurt and my thighs were killing me.  These will be hung up as a monument of my Racing days of old, but never used again.


Straight Skis, stay away from sure they can be fun for a few runs for kicks but

the new skis are "SO" much better. My yellow, yes Slalom 201cm ski (lol) is now officially retired!

Pretty much proved that tonight.  Now the bottom pair were awesome, edge grip and how effortless 

the turning was, night and day difference. 


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Dear Slash...,

Just PLEASE follow what all of the wiser, older skiers here have adviced you to do - DO NOT buy older skis - unless you get them from a reputable ski shop that will certify that the bindings are good and appropriately adjust them to your skiing abilities and physical attributes.

The following particular point has not been explained thoroughly for you - The danger of buying and owning your own skis - beyond its shape or sidecut - is not knowing how to adjust the binding settings to your boots, skill level, weight and height. If your bindings are not set properly, they will not release when you fall and your knees, ankle, etc. will take the brunt of that force and break. On the other hand, they could also release prematurely and cause you to crash. That is why skis beyond a certain year are not used anymore and ski shops will not touch them even if you paid them to tune them.

Beyond the bindings, older skis are straight and harder to use compared to the newer skis. If you really want to have a better learning experience as you start skiing, I suggest you rent your boots and skis first, with bindings appropriately set by the ski rental shop on skis that are appropriate for your skill level. Do that for a season, maybe even two, then come back here and tell us how you fare.

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