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EpicSki Academy FAQs

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Hi everyone,

We've had a phenomenal response to both EpicSki Academy Programs we have planned for this season. In less that a month's time we will be holding our first ever Eastern Tune Up, a two day program at Stowe, Vermont, on the weekend of December 13-14, 2003. Then, in January and February, 2004, we have two sessions planned of the second annual EpicSki Academy. Like last time, this year's Academy will be a four day program in the general format of a ski week, held at Snowbird and Alta, in Utah. I hope the following information about the Snowbird programs will be helpful for newcomers to this forum:

1. What makes EpicSki Academy different from other 4-day clinics?

One of the biggest draws, I think, is the EpicSki community that is present BEFORE AND AFTER the actual Academy. It's Awesome to know that some of the great coaches are there for you to talk to. Even if it's generally, as in posting a topic as opposed to private messages, the learning never stops.
(--Quoted with Bonni's blessing)

The other difference is our coaches. All of our coaches are seasoned pros at the top of their game. Because we're not tied to any ideology or system, just the fundamentals of good skiing, our coaches know no boundaries, just like our students and our academy itself.

2. Will each session be the same in all respects?

We certainly hope not! While each session will follow the same format, we're confident that each session will develop it's own distinct flavor. That flavor will develop from the unique people there, both coaches and students. We have a good sense of the coaches who will be at each session. Both sessions share the same core coaching staff--Bob Barnes, Tom Burch, Roger Kane, Ric Reiter, and me. We invited Eric DesLauriers to session one and Stu Campbell to session two, and filled out the rosters according to people's availability. We have a contingent of SKI's Top 100 coaches (Eric D, Rob Sogard, Carolyn Fushimi, and Joanne Yankovich); current and former PSIA D-Team members (Rob Sogard, Weems Westfeldt, and Stu Campbell); Snowbird SSD Maggie Loring and her husband Chip, who runs the adult programs at The Canyons; Todd Metz of Winter Park; Randy Jenkins, trainer from Deer Valley, and we hope Doug Stewart from Stowe can join us too. That's a mouthful of the best names in the business, any two teams of which will be "equals" but never the same.

The Schedule of Activities is the same for both sessions.

Of course, the chemistry of the student participants will be a big contributor to the tone of each session. And it goes without saying that the weather will be different for each session, the days will be incrementally longer for the second session and the snow base is likely to be incrementally deeper in week two, but other than that, we're all skiing Snowbird and Alta, with 4700 acres and 500 annual inches of snowfall. Whoopee!

3. What size will the groups be?

We aim for a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. The industry standard is 8:1.

4. What results can I expect from a 4-day clinic with a master instructor?

We heard from people who said their skiing changed more in four days than in four years, but the most common remark we received after last year's clinic was that the quality of the instruction and the enthusiasm of the participants was what made it so special. Some people believe in and experience breakthroughs, others absorb instruction incrementally and progress steadily. We firmly believe that we can make a difference in your skiing. The combination of quality instruction and participant enthusiasm creates an incredibly positive affective environment for learning that seemed to lift up everyone up in it.

Last year our students gave our coaches a 4.7 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (superior) on the question: Were your aspirations in attending EpicSki Academy met?

5. What does the event fee cover?

It covers four full days of instruction and presentations after skiing, four days of lift tickets good for Snowbird and Alta, morning warmup and stretch class, a kickoff party, a closing banquet, and, of course, swag. This leaves your transportation, meals, lodging, and equipment as additional trip expenses.

6. How about bringing family members?

Last year we had a number of couples. This year we'll have families including children. In our instructional program instelf, we welcome students 18 years and older. Snowbird Mountain School has created a special day-long instructional program for the kids of Academy-goers.

7. Are there any deals on lodging?

Lodging Information

8. Do you accept credit cards?

Pay on-line with PayPal

Please, everyone, feel free to ask questions and give answers in this thread. If you prefer private contact, please email academy@epicski.com.

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thanks! is there a calendar of activities for the ETU?

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9. Must I buy Fox a beer every night?

No. It is not necessary to buy one for me EVERY night, the number of times you buy me beer is entirely up to you, but if I were you, I would base my beer buying on the following scientific formula...


Where B = number of beers to be bought at the academy, and p = number of posts.

Hope this helps.


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Kiersten--regarding the schedule of events for the ETU-that's a good question. Let us work on that a little, and we'll get the "official schedule" up and running shortly.

Basically, the event starts Saturday morning, with a check-in, orientation, and breakfast at the Spruce Loft in the base lodge. Plan to check in between 7:30 and 8:00. We'll hit the lift at 9:00, take a warm-up lap or two on the short lift at the bottom, then do a quick skiing split to form compatible groups. After that, each group is on its own as far as scheduling goes. We'll ski all day, although most groups will probably lighten the focus by early afternoon, so anyone who wants to cut out a little early won't miss anything crucial, and those who want to ski until the very last lift ride will will have the opportunity.

There is an indoor presentation/discussion after skiing on Saturday, followed by the not-to-be missed gala banquet Saturday evening. Sunday (Day 2) is more casual, and each group will make plans as to where and when to meet Sunday morning. There is no breakfast or other full-camp meeting planned.

I'll post a more detailed agenda when I get a chance.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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(in the voice of the secretary on the Bob Newhart Show)

Thanks, Bob.

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Fox--don't dispute your formula, except that you forgot the Utah adjustment, which is:
Guin/3.2, or
alcohol content of a pint of Guiness, divided by the alcohol content of Utah's 3.2 stuff.
call it 5.5/3.2, needs to be worked into the equation.
Hope you accept this as a friendly amendment.
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Thanks, sno'more, I've tried to include that important factor in the new variation of the equation:

B=(roundup(p/1000)x roundup(IRE%ABV/UT%ABV))

on current levels, and based on your invaluable calculation,

B=(roundup(5890/1000) x roundup(5.5/3.2))

B= (roundup 5.890 x roundup 1.71875)

B= 6 x 2

so, that makes it 12 pints each. That's a more accurate result than the 6 pint answer I had yesterday.
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Okay, I didn't know where to post this naive question, so here it is!

A friend recently said that Utah is a dry state. Is this true? Or are there just dry counties within Utah?

We are NOT big drinkers (but I suspect that a few here are! ;D I won't mention names.) Just wondering in advance.


Counting the days to ESA2!
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Utah is NOT a dry state. I speak from experience. (although there was one night when the Goldminers ran out of Guinness and I had to switch to Cutthroat or something...

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