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Atomic ski

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Hi all, this is my fist post.

What is the approx. price of the 9.12 with 310 or 416 bindings?
Were they out last season, i cant remember seeing them, a few were on the 9.16?

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The 9.12's are nu this year. $550.00 is the only price I've seen so far, but it's early days. haven't seen any atomic bindings so far, but suspect their in the $200.00 range
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Sugested retail is as follows. (Canadian funds. Convert using) &&dchg=&&zz=1006315876250&

BetaRace 9.12 $899.00
310 Bindings - Race $ 319.00 Xentrix $ 279.00
412 Bindings - Race $ 349.00 Xentrix $ 319.00
614 Bindings - Race $ 389.00 Xentrix $ 349.00

Actual retail will be determined by the shops after demand has been established. A hot ski might remain at the SRP or over if there is a huge demand.

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thanks guys
i can get the 9.12 for $1150 AUD.($575 U.S) here in sydney with 310 bindings?

but would probably be able to work out a good deal somehow(shop/pro form or whatever) when i arrive in Utah for the season

problem is im not sure whether to buy them without skiing them
prefer to demo first

Any thoughts?


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Your going to be in Utah and you want 912's ....why?
If you are running gates nuf said , but you might want to check out the ...11.16beta carve...or11.20beta ride....or the 10.ex. All of these skis will have a race ski feel to them but with way more versatilty.
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I agree with Leeroy. The 9.16 is still the real race ski but the 9.12 isn't far off. They are a blast to ski on but don't expect to be making many long sweeping turns. I wouldn't want to teach on them much. I taught a lesson last year with a pair of Atomic 9.10's, this was not a great thing to do. I set a poor example demonstraighting the drills because no one else could do them like my skis could. They were teenages, though, and thought it was cool that I was on such funky skis. The 11.16's and/or the 11.20's might be just what you're after. Both are versitile skis, stiff enough for some racing yet soft enough for the bumps, powder, etc...
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I bought my Atomics from them a year ago. They're a shop out in CA, with a VERY knowledgeable staff/internet guy. Shoot him an e-mail. Got my 10.20s for $550 with bindings(312s) for $150.
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I thought I might tag this on an Atomic thread...

I bought the 11.20's in a 180 for a bigger mountain ride. I really want to get the 9.20 also. I ski about the 9 level- am 5'7", 165 lbs. I'm looking for something that will rip longs or shorts, and behave in bumps. I like race skis, and I like to really load the turn.

What length in the 9.20? 180 or 170. Will the 170 be able to make a bigger turn?

Any replies, even the nasty ones, are appreciated. thanks...

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MWBoone ,if are you talking about the BetaRace 920 you talking about a GS ski and yes it can turn short and do bumps but this all depends on you. Every thing your talking about you can do on your 11.20's and expect damn near the same results .
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