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Newbie needs help buying new skis!

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Ok so back story, moms house was broken into a 2 pairs of skis stolen. They are going to give her money to reimburse the skiis if she buys new skis. So she bought herself a pair, and then said she would buy me a pair. So we called a local store and they have a few pairs in stock I am considering.


I know nothing about skis.

I have these wide short snow blades that I have used for years. Before that I rode snowboard.

I am 6ft 200lbs athletic build.


Live on the east coast. Ny state. 


I like to screw around on the mountain, go over small jumps, and love going through the woods. Bust most is just cruising down the mountain. Dont really have to carve much on the snow blades. They are easy to just go straight and stop pretty quick. 

Looking for something fairly easy to ski on. Don't need to kill myself working the skis. 


So out of these what would be the best? 


Atomic black eye ti in 160mm $499 clearance
Atomic Smoke
Atomic Smoke ti
K2 Amp 76 and Amp 76 ti
K2 Ricter  82x ti
Volkl Rtm 81 and Rtm 84
Nordica OMW twin tips
I am thinking one of these 4
K2 Rictor 82 xti


And what about the nordica omw twin tips? Would they be a decent all mountain ski and good in the woods? 


These skis will only be used maybe a few times a year, but figure if they are free why not get the best I can. 



Thanks for any advice! 


Also if they do not come with binding what is a good pair of bindings for each ski? Boots? 


So lost in all of this lol

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Also how much different is it gonna be using skis over snow blades? I FLY on my blades, keeping up with most of my friends/family on skis. So I would say I am pretty decent on them. Much harder to balance on as they are so short tho when landing jumps. 

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Hey that's a good story to tell the insurance company. smile.gif

At your size you'll want something inthe mid 170's cm or lenght. I'm that size and ski a Volkl Kendo in 177cm. I ski every weekend.

You should look at Ski Magazines site for there gear review issue, Sept 2013 lots of basic info there.

After you get the free skis, take a few lessons to learn how to use them correctly. Once you do, you will not go back to blades.

Oh yea, make sure your boots fit correctly. When you buy the ski, have a boot fitter at the shop take a look at your boots.
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The four you're considering are good choices from your original list.  The narrower-waisted ones will be better on firm snow; the wider ones will be better in deeper, softer snow.  Pick by what you'll ski most.  If your shop has any in their demo fleet, ask if you can try them (switch after a few runs).  Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply's! Going tomorrow to check out what they have in stock. Probably will go with a wider ski as I like to go venturing off into the woods :p

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Good most of us weekends are on 85-98mm waist skis now.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post

Good most of us weekends are on 85-98mm waist skis now.

Is that considered a wider ski? Haha sry like I said I am new to skis :p

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From what we used to ski on yes. The progression has gone from 65-70mm in the late 1990'sto about 2004 when Volkl came out with he AC4, 82mm. That lasted until about 2010 when the 85-88mm popped up. My buddy skis a 98mm waist every weekend at Okemo VT for 2 years now. I'm still sticking to my 88mm waist. I have a 106 mm ski and just bought a 119mm ski.

Those fat skis are for special day's. The 88 waist will do most everything pretty well anywhere on the hill.
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Ok so here is what I got!


Line future spin twin tips 167cm

Marker Squire bindings

Nordica Cruise 80 boots

Scott poles

and a sweet killtec jacket! 



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For a 200-pounder, a 167-length ski is awfully short for the non-groomed terrain you said you like (they're OK for short/medium turns on groomers). Everything else looks good.  You might consider talking to the manager of the store that sold the skis to you and doing an exchange for a ski around a 175-180 length, with a waist between 80 and 90.  That's still short enough to be playful and nimble, but will give you some stability and flotation on anything more than hardpack groomers.  Good luck!

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I basically just asked the kid at steiners sports what would be good for me. This is what he sold me. Then I asked about jackets, and they gave me %40 off the jacket. So I was happy. 30% off skis, 30% off boots.

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I think for the time being you'll be fine on those skis, you did say, "beginner".

My next suggestion is, take a lesson before you develope to many bad habits.

may be in a year or two you'll have a better idea what you want in a ski.

Have fun, that's what its all about.

Oh do you have a helmet ?
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I would say intermediate tongue.gif and if i have been blading for years basically skiing with short skis lolol

Are you saying the skis are no good?

Yes I have a helmet. smile.gif
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You got ski's that are too short, and bindings that are not really appropriate for a full grown man. It's a good setup for a 14 year old.

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We're not saying the skis are no good, they just seem short for your size.

You may over power them.
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Well thats shitty.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post

We're not saying the skis are no good, they just seem short for your size.

You may over power them.

What do you mean by over power them?
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As you begin to ski faster, the skis will seem to be to soft. They will begin to feel loose or wobble when your in the medium radius turn at speed.

If a ski is to long, it will be hard to begin the next turn.
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Oh aleifht. Should i return them and get a longer ski?
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As Mike said above, talk with the store mamnager, and see what he say's.

Just tell him your conserns.

If you don't ever plan to progress in your skiing you may be fine. But if you want to get better and progress to a higher level and increase the fun factor...this may not be the ski for you.

Figure out what your goals are.
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The manager of the store was the one who sold them to me.
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He recomended i upgrade to the marker griffon binding. He said the squire would only be good for up to blue trails. I plan on skiing every trail. So does this sound right?
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He also said the ski should be around the bridge of your nose. So the tip of my nose lands at 165cm so 167 should be spot on around the bridge.

Not saying this is correct this is just what the manager told me.
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Ok, sounds about right. Ask him if after you ski them on the weekend and don't like them, what will he do for you.

Hey may be you'll enjoy them, you really won't know until your on them. We're just trying to bring you options and what if's...

If he'll stand behind the sale, ski them.

Be sure and update us on the results.

It will be interesting to hear you impressions.
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Well i figure going from a snow blade to a ski maybe a shorter ski will be an easier transition for me. And with the way I like to screw around in the woods and ski backwards, and spin around as i coast down the mountain the twin tips should work good for that. 



Going to Gore sunday so will post up after. Not sure how good of a review it will be as its my first ski so not much to compare to. 


Altho I will say just from trying the boots on they are super comfy compared to my old pair! :p


Thanks for all the advice everyone! Glad I looked into it and am upgrading the binding.

Crazy the griffon from alpin haus is $10 cheaper then the squire from steiners sports. 

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Which Alpine Haus ?

I'm headed to the one in Rocky Hill CT after work today.

Where are you from ?

The boots should fit tight with very little room around the toes, you can wiggle your toes but you should feel the liner on the toes all the time, or very close to the toes. The toes should be just touching the front of the liner, as you flex your knees the toes will slide back.
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The Alpine Haus in Clifton park NY. 


I live near Albany NY.


The boots fit perfectly as you described. When up straight toes touch, when a little bend in knees they pull back just enough. And very comfy! 

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Great to hear that.

Have a great day, looks like a great weekend weather wise.
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Thanks! And thanks again for all the help from everyone! Think you all saved me from a day of agravation with a cheezy binding smile.gif
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