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Thanks Bonni, we'll see what is happening Saturday. I live out of town, only a mile, but walking at night is not a good option as we are in the USA, and there are no footpaths! I have seen people get in their car at the condos next to us, to drive to the supermarket...it's 100 feet!!!!!!!!
but walking on Hwy 100 after dark is not fun. The cars go wide of you but the trucks don't.
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Please do not walk on a dark snowy road with morons driving on it! Can you make it to the Shed Friday night? We will probably get there sometime around 9-9:30. We'll give you a lift home from there, as long as you don't stay tooooo late. I need my beauty rest, ya know. :

That way, we'll know where you live (with your turnip), and we can make arrangements to drag you around the rest of the weekend.
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Ant, don't you DARE walk that road at night! I'll be in Stowe sometime between 6 and 6:30 weather permitting. I'll drop an email address on the Personal Messages (my work one)for you to let me know where to pick you up if there is no ride available to get to the SHED. I'll come get you! There is no need for you to walk in the dark with so many of us there.
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all right ! I get the hint! eeek. Getting to the shed should be no problem...it'll be OK. really! thanks guys.
I'll just go stick my head out the door for a weather check: bummer, still drippy and wet, I think it's getting colder though. Might already be snowing on the hill...
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