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ETU Friday night meeting spot

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How does meeting at The Shed for some locally brewed beer sound? I propose meeting at 8:00 PM Friday evening to get acquainted and hoist a few. The Shed is at 1859 Mountain Road. Any seconds?
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We second! Magic Hat #9!!!
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we're driving up from Boston that afternoon and if we're on time and feeling energized we will swing by and meet you all for at least 1 beer.

kiersten (and matthew)

and a question to the local VERMONSTERS ;p ...
where is a good place for us to grab dinner on friday night?

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If you're looking for really good food on your way to the mountain, there are 2 excellent restaurants in Waterbury Center, on Rte 100 to Stowe.

Tanglewoods is on Kneeland Flats Rd, phone 802 244-7855. Food is excellent, moderately priced..entrees $14-$20, with a great ambience.

Michaels on the Hill, Rte 100, Waterbury Center..phone 802 244-7476 www.michaelsonthehill.com. Very creative, very expensive restaurant, one of the best in New England. Entrees over $20, great wine list. They're offering a 15% discount until Dec 14th!!

For cheap and cheerful, Gracie's is a local favorite. Located in Stowe village, serves steaks, seafood, burgers etc., in a warm congenial atmosphere. Ph 802 253-8741. They do not take reservations, so if you're not there by 6 you might not get in.

On the Mountain Rd (Rte 108), the Partridge Inn has just been recognized as the New England Restaurant of the Year. Excellent sea food, fairly expensive. Ph 802 253-8000

My personal favorite, if you like really authentic Italian food is Trattoria La Festa, also on Rte 108, ph 802 253-8480.

You might not be aware that Stowe has more top rated restaurants than any town in New England after Boston!!
We eat well!!
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Invariably, Mark gets caught up in some work project when we leave on Friday evening ski trips. Combine that with traffic out of Boston, and I'd have to say we will be with you good people in spirit, but not in body.
Besides, I'm not sure that many pubs will let a greyhound be a patron. Giselle may not enjoy being left in her room when we first get to a new place.
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THANKS MUCHO Skiswift. wow... you exceeded my expectations... what a wonderful directory of choices.

I'm sure that I will see you either Friday night (getting a beer with everyone else) or at that breakfast on Saturday am and I will be sure to thank you again and tell you how we made out!!

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Since Bob, Tom, Mike_M and I are arriving on Thur, I'm sure we'll be up for a couple of frothy ones and some dinner on Friday! We are staying at the Riverside Inn (Rivinn), and we have wheels.

We are really looking forward to meeting eveybody at Stowe!

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I noticed you're online - and while this is off-topic... I wonder if you know what our topics will be for ETU... specifically... anything FUN like terrain park stuff?

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Speaking of Friday... we'll be leaving early Friday morning for a warm-up day at Tenney. It's right on the way, and you can't beat the price: 2 for $32! Anyone wanna join us?

We'll be there for whatever goes on at Stowe Friday evening.
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Hi all I will be arriving Friday for ETU. My wife Robin and I are staying at The INN at Stowe. I don't know what our plans for the evening will be. I am looking forward to skiing with all of you. FYI Robin doesn't ski.
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Getting "shed-faced" before skiing all day for the first time this season? Sounds good. My liver and I will be there.
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I don’t know about getting “shed-faced” my liver may quit on me, but couple of beers does your body good. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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OK, it's official: Meeting place Friday night at 8 p.m. is THE SHED!

Mrs. oboe and I will pay our due respects to the company Christmas party in Morrisville [not that far off] and then will join you.
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Do they have an open bar at the Christmas Party? Would you like to bring a buncha Bears? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Shed-faced... that made me LOL!

We are also staying at the Inn... I think that's where the saturday am breakfast/meeting spot is - right?

Can someone be so kind as to post some directions from Stowe/Inn to the Shed?

Thanks mucho!
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Originally posted by Bonni:
Do they have an open bar at the Christmas Party? Would you like to bring a buncha Bears? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Originally posted by kieli:
We are also staying at the Inn... I think that's where the saturday am breakfast/meeting spot is - right?
Nope. The Saturday morning breakfast buffet will be in the lodge at the Spruce area, which is the area on the right, across from the Mount Mansfield area. If you're staying at the same inn where Ric and many others of us will park, just follow the crowd, or hitch a ride.

To be specific, the breakfast buffet will be in the loft area of the lodge at Spruce.
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Do you have a schedule for the 2 days that we can look at? Times, places, etc.
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Good idea, Skierteach.

We'll post a schedule soon.
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Yes--we'll post a formal schedule very soon. I'll be way busier than I ought to be for the next few days, but I'll try to get something together.

For starters, the ETU officially begins Saturday morning, with a check-in, breakfast, and orientation in the Loft at the Spruce base lodge. Plan to check in between 7:30 and 8:00, enjoy a good breakfast, and get to know your fellow participants and the coaches. We'll go into more specifics at the orientation, and announce any last-minute changes, but the plan is to hit the short lift at Spruce at 9:00, take a warmup lap or two, then do a quick skiing split to finalize groups. After that, each group is on its own pace and schedule, until the lifts close. There will be an indoor presentation/discussion after skiing Saturday, followed by the big banquet. Sunday is more casual, and each group can determine its own meeting time and place, according to their needs.

More later!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

[ November 12, 2003, 08:56 AM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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speaking of getting Shed-faced.

I have some pre-requisite reading for y'all. Now print this and study... I expect everyone to know at least a few hand signals - will come in handy this weekend, I think. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


(you may also write back claiming your favorites!!)

kiersten [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Since the ETU is this weekend I thought I'd send this back to the top. This qs still the plan as far as I know. Will we see you there?
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I have not been to the shed yet (it's a fake shed, looks like quite a nice new england building to me), but hope to on this august night! I made the acquaintance of The Matterhorn the other night and it wasnt bad. the Magic Hat I drank at Mount Snow is, apparently, Fat Angel.
everything mentioned is on one road, Mountain Road, the way up to the hill. This is a simple and well sign posted district, everything's easy to to find.
You have to check this gallery here, the paintings and sculptures are utterly brilliant and amazing, it is as you're heading back in towards the village, Robert Paul Gallery, at Baggy Knees Centre.
The paintings are really something. I wandered around there one arvo with my mouth open. I wish I had several thousand bucks but it was free and friendly to look and marvel.
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Back in the day, the Shed looked more like a shed. It has been consumed by success. Today, it's a really nice place and, to my best recollection, either smokeless or far less smokey than the Matterhorn.

See you there!

[ December 08, 2003, 05:03 AM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Also consumed by fire! Which may explain it's less than shedlike appearance.
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. . . a successful fire . . . [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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We always seem to run late but would like to come by the Shed. Our tentative plan is to stop somewhere on the way and see if we can even ski anymore, then finish the drive into Stowe. I've been informed that we are going to Trattori La Festa for dinner on Friday. We ate there the last time we visited Stowe and it was terrific. If any of you would be interested in joining us for dinner, we could call ahead and try to make reservations. Should warn you, I'm a boring old crumudgeon -- fortunately my better half has a sense of humor and somewhat low self-control. Would like to stop at the Shed after dinner, if it's not too late.
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Hopefully I can make it. The bus starts running friday, although it doesn't go mega late.
NO wonder the shed isn't a shed! They should re name it.
It hasn't started raining here yet, but the TV keeps threatening it, dang.
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Give us a shout Saturday morning, and we'll taxi you around with us if you'd like.
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Bonni's taxi service....

*ring ring*

harrow... *hic* ... ish shish Bonni? *hic*

yes? ohhh goooooooood... I need a ride.... oh. have you sheen my shkis?

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