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Toes going numb in ski boots

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I've read several threads that describe problems similar to mine.  For years, my feet have gone numb when I'm wearing my ski boots.  I use the term "my" very loosely; it happened with rentals so I bought boots that were supposed to be good for high instep.  They weren't working so I bought another pair after a few years.  Still having the same problem.  I got Surefoot footbeds the last trip I made, which helped, but my heels still slide around unless I buckle down so hard on my foot that it cuts off the circulation and nerves.  I tried wearing a sock with a little thicker heel, but it also was thicker in the instep.  Surefoot in Deer Valley said that my boot shell is too big.  I don't want to spend $800+ on boots that I'll only use for about a week each year (we live in Alabama) and that still won't fix the issue.  What do you advise?

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Well when you have to buckle your boots so tightly they hurt, often they hurt.  Or when you have to crush your feet by tight buckling in order to keep your feet solid in the boots often your feet go numb and feel crushed.  Definitely sounds like classic boots too big syndrome.



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So you recommend that I get new boots?  What do you think of the Surefoot method?  Is it better than others for my issues?

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Read through the above article and perform a "shell check" on any boot you might now have or intend to purchase in the future.


Boots can be purchased from "Boot Sellers" or from "Boot Fitters"---since you want to end up with a boot that will work long term


your best option would be to purchase from a "Boot Fitter" who offers a "Guaranteed Fit" after the sale this way, if you have an issue with


the fit, instead of going to a larger size boot the fitter will modify the correct size shell to fit "around" your feet.  A bootfitter can stretch a shell 


to accommodate your bone structure---a "boot seller" will just hand you a bigger boot to "fix" the problem.  


Surefoot method?----go and see if they shell fit you according to the above article.



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