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"Lifted" ski boots

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Hello Experts:


Could someone please illuminate me on what it means when a ski boot is "lifted"  I would tend to assume that means it has a thick sole but for what purpose? Aren't there height limitations on ski boots?





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Lifts can be placed under the boot sole lugs to lift the boot higher off the snow and help prevent boot out.  But yes there are FIS rules that stipulate a maximum lift and most boots are manufactured to the limit so lifts are not so widely used anymore although many of the fitters on the forum may use them to affect stance.



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the FIS limit for competition is 43mm between the sole of foot and sole of boot including all hard and soft parts (liner, footbeds, shell, zeppa)

lifters can be added to a boot as Lou said to increase leverage or adjust stance if for example some sole planing had been done


but i am guessing what you are meaning is there are some boots such as the atomic redster 160/170 which are listed as "lifted" in the catalog 


what this means is the thickness of the sole of the boot is increased by 3-5mm, the sole is non DIN ISO norm, it will not fit into a binding prior to being ground back to DIN/ ISO specification, this is on most factory world cup boots and allows the technician to alter stance/cant without the need to add a plate for initial testing


these boots still fall within FIS regulations they just have a bit more material for the tech to play with, if you are buying a set of this type of boot make sure the place you are getting them from:


1 has the tools to cut the soles back to DIN /ISO norms

2 has the skills to do the job properly


i recently saw a race boot with a 3mm plate screwed onto the sole, no grinding of the lugs, when i asked the owner he told me " the shop said i could have these put on as the soles were wearing down a bit, they said they didn't need to be ground to fit the binding!!"

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