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New Skis Too Short?

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I've been watching the Voelkl Mantras all season and finally pulled the trigger on a great deal. However, they only had 177's left in stock and I thought I would need 184's. I'm having a bit of buyers remorse. I am 6'3" and weigh 245 pounds and a very aggressive, expert skier. I prefer being in the bumps and trees. Are they going to be too short for me? Thanks for any input!

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You chose the wrong length. Think of it this way, if the 184's aren't for you, who are they for?


In any event, you get some advantages with the shorter length in moguls so have fun with them there and don't worry about it too much.

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I'm pretty much the exact same size as you, and I'm on the 191's...I wouldn't go SL size on a ski like the mantra...
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Originally Posted by skiheckster View Post

I am 6'3" and weigh 245 pounds and a very aggressive, expert skier.


This generally means the recommended ski for you is almost always going to be the longest length the manufacturer makes. 177 at your weight would basically make this a poor ski for powder.


If you hit a lot of tight trees and moguls, maybe a 185-ish length makes sense, but in my view a 190-ish 5 point ski makes even more sense for that type of skiing.

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I'm 6' 210lbs and was also eyeing the Mantra in 177s even though I LOVE my new Kendos in 177. How much were the Mantras and where did you get them?

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the question is what do you regularly ski and did those feel short or long.  that will be the answer to your question.

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I've been on Voelkl AC30's (184) They were great until I demo'd the Mantras at 177 CM. I loved the Mantras but they did feel short but it could been just because I'm used to a little longer ski. They performed REALLY well...especially in the trees.

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