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SLC or WY (immediately)????

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Hi all, this is my first post, but I've been lurking for a while.


My wife and I are on a ski vacation at Snowbird/Alta. We live in NYC so we only get this sort of terrain/conditions 1-2x a year. Anyhow, the forecasts I am looking at have JH/GT getting a lot more snow Wed-Fri than SLC resorts. We are here to ski powder and don't really mind eating the cost of our condo at SB (got a great weekly Air BnB rate anyways) and grabbing a cheap motel in Jackson. We already rented a 4wd vehicle. We went to Big Sky / Bridger last year and bailed for JH/GT due to a better snow forecast and got the goods, particularly at GT. 


I know most years SB/Alta is better than JH/GT, but JH/GT are just getting it this year. Each of the last three powderless mornings here at SB/Alta have been substantial dumps at JH/GT and I just can't take it anymore. I feel like I am being punished for not booking our trip to WY after being blessed last year (silly I know). The forecasts are calling for more of the same the rest of the way (we fly out of SLC sunday). My only concern is that I don't know what forecasts to trust. I am looking at opensnow, onthesnow, snow-forecast, and NWS. I am wondering if those of you that ski these resorts more often can confirm that I have a much better chance for significant pow if I ski Thurs & Fri at JH/GT instead of SB & Alta. Any other comments/suggestions are welcome.




Mid-trip report (for context):

First time in UT for my wife. I was at Park City last year, but also skied Brighton/Solitude. Neither of us had been to SB/Alta so we decided to make those he centerpiece. We've been to CO, Whisler, Japan, Montana, WY, Baker, so we're snobby powderhounds. Got into SLC late last Fri. Stayed at an airport hotel. Got up Sat. picked up rental SUV and drove up to Solitude with all of the Cottonwoods resorts reporting around 8" overnight. I had been given a tip a while back that Solitude would be a lost less crowded on the weekend. Solitude did not disappoint. Snow was a bit heavy, but abundant. Managed to be at the gate the moment they opened up Honeycomb from avalanche control work. They had blasted snow from higher up into the canyon so it was very deep in there. Maybe the best run of my life. Laps 


We hit up Snowbird on Sunday. The 3-5" forecasted for overnight did not materialize. It was a bit crowded, but we were blown away by the views/terrain. Mineral Basin was nice in the morning sun, then got chunky so we decided to move to the front. I got that tip from the EpicSki guide. At that moment, we saw a big crowd racing across a traverse. At first we weren't sure what was going on, but then my wife keenly observed that they must have just opened the massive bowl under Road to Provo. We joined the frenzy and my wife got her best run lifetime. Mine was going great until I faceplanted pretty badly, but it was fun. Did laps off the tram the rest of the day hitting up the massive bowls off the cirque traverse and the epic tree skiing in Gad Valley.


Yesterday we went to Alta. The 2" forecasted for overnight didn't happen. We mainly snowboard, but have basic skiing ability. We knew we had to check out Alta so we skied a day in NY the week before to get our legs. We did a morning 2-hour lesson and were going off-piste and on steeps before lunch time. It was a very sunny day so conditions were quite variable by aspect. Some runs were scraped off, but it was not bad overall. In fact we sought out some of the sketchy stuff to prove to ourselves we could do it on skis.


We're headed back to Alta today to go skiing again. We now find skiing more fun in meh conditions and got 2-day Alta lliftopia passes to save a few bucks. It's finally snowing and NWS says 4-8" for today, so we're hoping that lasts and things soften up here.


The next storm for Thursday seems to really favor WY again. Is this what y'all are seeing from your trusted sources?

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If you are chasing the snow - go to JH. Been here for couple weeks - so far so good.


Hit the slope early. The snow at JH generally turns to crud fast at lower elevation. So stay high. 

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Thx. Looks like jh/gt is going to be worth the drive for thurs and fri. FYI it's dumping at alta now and has been all day. Their website says zero at 11, that's crazy it's getting deep quick nobody here. Supposed to clear up though then only weak snow Thursday so wy it is
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Look at that nice blue line over Whitefish.. And I'm sick in bed!!!
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