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Are there still places to be had?

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Can anyone give me an update on whether there are still places available (either week) and if so what's the score on accommodation?

Been well out of the loop for a while, but may just be able to pull it off provided I can leave committing a wee bit longer...
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There's always room for you!


P.S. Hope you send the proud Aussie army homeward tae think again.

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Ther's room at both, but sign up soon!
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I've recently learned that my timeshare request came through for a studio condo at the Iron Blosam Lodge (about 50 yards from the Snowbird tram). Unfortunately, I've decided I'm not well recovered enough from this summer's knee surgery and will not be able to spend the week in Snowbird.

The unit has 2 Murphy beds and limited kitchen facilities.

Let me know if you're interested.
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Hi Scotski! We have missed you! That would be awesome to see you at Academy!
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Scotski, yesterday 12/21, I was able to reserve a spot at the Academy and a room at the Extended Stay America in Sandy.

it's not too late!
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Jeff and I are staying there too, Gonz. Party in your room?
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We're at ExtStay as well ... so I guess we'll meet you at the party in Gonz's room Is there a particular time or just whenever we show up?

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whenever you like, doesn't matter if I'm not there anyway, because it's the Extended stay place... and you're my extended guests
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