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Stratton Mountain

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Good day all,


I'm heading to Stratton Mountain for the first time the week of March 9 (staying Sunday - Friday)

I would say I'm an intermediate semi-aggresive skier, like to get off the groomers sometimes and find some deeper snow.

Just wondered if anybody could point me in the direction of some tree runs, bowls etc. that are off the beaten path if Stratton has such terrain.

Also any info on where to go and what to see and do during the stay would be appreciated.




Shred on

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Welcome to VT!



If conditions in the glades are good (as of Sunday, they were decent and you can still find a stash here and there)


Popular glades:

Test Pilot is probably the most wide open glade. If you enter into it early it's tight, then fans out really nice. Not a real challenge, so a good first glade.


On the other side of the trail you have the Kitterbrook Revine. One of the best glades on the mountain because it has a real fun natural half pipe in the middle. When there is powder, you can find some nice lines in there.


Both have a bit of a run-out. It's not horrible, and you don't have to use poles, but it's not great either.


My personal favorite glade:

Diamond in the Rough

Seems like it does not get the traffic the other get and its a bit more challenging. You can also do laps in it via URSA high speed 6 pack chair which is another reason I like it.


Best secret glade:

Left on Upper Lift Line. There is always pow in there.. Also - off of Work Road. Problem is you might have to walk back a little bit, but the pow is always fresh.


Have fun.

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