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11 dynaster course ti vs Head peak 84 pro vs FA 84 edt

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I have recently sold a pair of skis that's a bit short for me: progressor 950, and is ploting what ski should I get for my collect smile.gif, since the sales are starting!!

I have skied the 84 EDT for couple days, they are dangerous, the edge hold and stability give you a sense of super power! I demoed the rtm 84 and blizzard 85 ti, none of them compare to the shear power and explosiveness the EDT bring,
Problem is at the 500ft local hill I have demoed it in, I can zoom down the hill faster than I can reach their max speed, not to mention we rain ice 1/2 of the time, 4 inches of snow is considered as pow day here.

I read great review for course ti and peak 84 pro, but demoed neither, I can get them new for quite a bit cheaper than the EDT. (Head peak for around 300!)Do they give a comparable edge hold and confident as the EDT? I am looking at the course ti at 178? And peak 84 pro 184

I am 6" 195 and level 6-7 skier, learning to ski bumps, like carving various turn , ski mostly in eastern canada, and sometime Vermont, and whiteface

Current collection are vwerks code, and a motive 80 cline 175... I found them both a bit short when I go mach

TL DR, what ski should I get?

Thx 4 the help!
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If you have a Vwerks Code you have grip covered, and a Motive 80 takes care of bumps, so it's either speed and power you're after or soft snow. That eliminates the Peak 78, which is a truly mediocre ski anyway. Personally, I like a narrow hybrid carver for recreational speed back here on our stubby mountains, so I'd pick the Course Ti every time. But if you're a level 6-7, and still learning to do bumps, the new Course Ti may be a bit serious and focused, I'd go for last season's model if you can find it. Cannot speak to the EDT except that it seems mostly mentioned as a wide screamer rather than an all-mountain do all. Someone who owns one will pipe up, I'm sure. 


OTOH, if you want something wider for softer days, that can still handle speed, and do bigger bumps, then IMO you'll want to go into the 88-95 range with a different flex pattern. I'd take a look at skis like the Kendo, Brahma, MX88, or this season's Steadfast while they're still around. At the end of the day, they'll give you more versatility.

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Thx Beyond, I tried the Kendo and RTM 84, I actually like the Kendo's playfulness, RTM is great and damp, but doesn't seem as specific as Kendo to soft snow.


Can you elaborate a bit more on Course TI bing too focus? I want a ski that force me to get better :), I am looking at the 2011 model (172 or 177)


I like my Code, but they are a bit short for me (171cm)

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If you're looking at the 2011 model, you should be in good shape. Get the 177 for sure. Be careful to distinguish between a ski that will encourage you to get better, and a ski that will be so tough you'll end up with bad mechanics to compensate for your skill set. Common problem, akin to getting a super stiff boot when you're still working on basics. 


The earlier models are no push button, read some reviews and you'll see they ask for real athleticism and commitment to carving. Basically for advanced and expert skiers. That was also my impression from several years ago. But according to those who have skied it, the new one is less forgiving, damper, more focused on its racing DNA. Since you do not speak of racing, and are a high intermediate, the earlier version made more sense to me.


The Course Ti is part of a genre of rec racing carvers that include some other very good skis, incidentally. The Head iSpeed is a very nice example if you want something beefier and damper than the Course, while Blizzard makes some models like the GSR or the new R-Power that will be lighter and a touch livelier; all have great grip and are fairly versatile. 

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Thx, I will take a look at the GSR, on a side note, how are SL skis, I was told, they are perfect for Ice coast, but I was steered away from a Volkl Racetiger SL 165, as they said they are only for 8-9 skiers.. 

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Small hill, ice,.... SL skis... Or something like a Head Super shape Magnum with a 1/3 tune.smile.gif
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I wondering if I should give my Code a 0.7/3 tune as well, currently running a 1/2 on it, it doesn't engage as quickly as the progressor in factory tune~

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