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Looking for a pow ski

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Hey everybody. Got some great feedback last time I asked for some help, so figured I'd give it another shot—I'll be heading out west (Utah) later this week, and since I don't really own appropriate skis for western skiing, I'll be demoing in that time. I've got limited experience on powder skis in general, but at this point, I'm skiing out west often enough (I'll have logged 14 days by the end of the year) it's probably worth it for me to settle on a pair next year. 


So for the about me... I'm 5'9", 160, grew up skiing the east, but I make my way out west whenever I can. This year will be ~30-35 days out for me, with a mix of Colorado (Keystone, A-Basin, Breck), Utah (Alta, Snowbird, Park City, Deer Valley), New England (Loon, Cannon, Okemo, Sugarbush, etc.) and New York (Gore). I do a lot of hard snow skiing, but that's life on the east coast. When I'm out west it's chutes, trees, and bumps. As far as ability goes, I'm good enough to get down pretty much anything, but the "with style" only goes as far as easy blacks. 


I currently own a pair of 178 2013/14 Nordica Steadfasts and a pair of 170 2013/14 Head i.SuperShape Speeds. As previously mentioned, I'll be looking to add a powder ski to that selection next year, so I'm looking for suggestions of skis to demo, preferably full-rocker, 105+.


Last time I was in Utah I tried out the Bonafides in 180 (Which I wasn't a big fan of [didn't really surprise me, as I didn't enjoy the Brahma either], and were slightly too long for me) and then switched to the Volkl Ones in 166 [Powder day at Alta, last big waists left]. I absolutely loved the Volkl Ones, though could've used more floatation (which I assume I'd get from the 173s). 


And with that, I thank you all for taking the time to read this and preemptively for whatever suggestions you can provide.

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I own a pair of Rossi S7s and love them, but only use them when the new snow is 12" or deeper.  For anything less than that I love my Atomic Rituals and their 103mm waist.  Check out Powder Mag or skinet if you want to read reviews on Pow Skis.  I'd also recommend renting from a shop on the mtn and swap out skis so you can try a range of them.


Have fun!


T. -

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FWIW, I just bought a pair of 2012 Volkl Shiros from they have lots of skis for good prices.


Find a ski, google it and read the reviews.


Take your steadfast out with you if you'd like. They will be fine except for deep snow. Like you plan, demo some skis. Then decide which one you like best. Lot's of good stuff out there.


If you have to demo a longer ski then you'd buy. Just remember the shorter version will be even more fun for you.


Oh I'll dd, buy a wide ski, you have a 90mm waist, go at least 115 mm.

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If you like your Steadfasts, try and demo a Vagabond.  Same ski family, same general construction, but a lot more pow oriented.


I think the jump from 90 waist to 108 is a good step, and will cheerfully disagree with Max above about going at least 115 (especially at 160 pounds, but if wider is your desire, check out the Patron or leftover Unleashed Hells, again for a similar feel to your Steadfast).


The Vagabond is iscontinued for next year, so the deals are coming!

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I'm about your size and my daily driver is a 170cm Nordica Steadfast.  This is my third season on them and will ski them until they disintegrate.  I'll readily use them up to about 12" and have used them in much deeper snow, depending on how wet the snow is.  When the snow gets deeper than is comfortable with the Steadfasts I use 174cm Atomic Rituals.  They're very good in the trees and light enough to toss around in chutes and bumps.  They don't carve like the Steadfast but carving isn't why I bought them.  You would want the 182cm version.  I considered buying the Bent Chetler because I really liked it when I demoed them, but they were no fun on a groomer, at least the Rituals are tolerable.  Try to find one to demo.

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